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    Interview with Victor Alocen Garcia

Victor Alocen Garcia | New School | Tattoo | Graffiti | Style | Color Designs | Custom Made

ROCK YOUR STYLE - Tattoo Life- ART News

Nicklas Wong | Copenhagen, Denmark | Cartoon | Custom Design  | Enter the Dragon Tattoo

Maris Pavlo | Riga, Latvia | Tattoo Frequency | Color Realistic Tattoos | Custom Design

Jari Kajaste | Kajaste Art | Finland | Realistic Designs | Guest Spot at Tattoostudio Nadelwerk

Rebeca Orts | Alicante, Spain | Color Style  | Tattoo Life Journey | Clothing Line Design

TATTOO GUEST SPOT/APPRENTICESHIP: Dear Tattoo/Piercing Artists - We want to help you with your tattoo apprenticeship, or tattoo guest spot. So anyone who wants to find a local shop for a tattoo apprenticeship/guest spot, please feel free to contact us.