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    Tattoo | Art Interview with Glen Decker

Glen Decker | Photo Realistic Tattoos | Custom Artwork | Creative Paintings | Celebrity Portrait

ROCK YOUR STYLE - Tattoo Life- ART News

Paul Munteanu | Polytattoo | Photo Realistic Tattoo | Style | Bucharest | Tattoostudio Nadelwerk

Ingo Frost | Tattoo Studio Crazy Ink, Germany | Illustrative Tattoos | Color Ink | Custom

  Razvan Popescu | BioArt Tattoo | Bucuresti, Romania | Tattoostudio Nadelwerk | Austria

TATTOO GUEST SPOT/APPRENTICESHIP: Dear Tattoo/Piercing Artists - We want to help you with your tattoo apprenticeship, or tattoo guest spot. So anyone who wants to find a local shop for a tattoo apprenticeship/guest spot, please feel free to contact us.