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Angel De La Concha | Black & Gray | Tattoo Realism | Style | Spain | Portrait


David Vicente | Design | Digital Art | Graphic | Character | Skateboarding | Illustrations

Turkesa | Illustrations | Tattooed Girls | Digital Art | Design | Painting | Graffiti | Mural | Style

CLOTHING BRANDS: We're currently working on our newest project that include promoting clothing brands. We want to give our audience a sense of style and great fashion tips. So any of you have clothing brands and want to promote for free, email us.

MAKE UP & STYLE:  Any make up artists? We want to hear from you! If you have some unusual make up style, body painting background and want to be featured, let us know.

Looking for a specific tattoo design? No worries, there are tons of tattoo stencil art here.

STUDIO FEATURE: Hello dear tattoo artists! We will be very happy to feature your studio. We need some information about your studio, location, contacts and studio's rules. Would be nice if you introduce your team with some basic info about the artists who work there and some cool photos of the shop. We want to showcase what's a professional studio to our audience! We're looking forward to collaborate with you. Don't hesitate to send us email.

WE CAN HELP: Do you have any problems with your new tattoo or piercing? Feel free to write on our tattoo discussion board if you have any questions about healing your new tattoo, or you can write on our piercing discussion board about your new piercing.

TATTOO GUEST SPOT/APPRENTICESHIP: Dear tattoo and piercing artists - We want to help you with your tattoo apprenticeship, or tattoo guest spot. So anyone who wants to find a local shop for a tattoo apprenticeship/guest spot, please feel free to contact us.