10 Ways To Be a Better Tattoo Artist

Just remind yourself when you wanted to get your first tattoo? Didn't know what to choose? Who will be the artist? What are the risks of getting a tattoo? Are there any possibilities for removal? Yes, all of those questions and so many more are in every tattoo enthusiast's mind, waiting to get their fist tattoo.

So, as an artist what are your ethical responsibilities for every  client??

As a professional tattoo artist:

1. Be nice with your customers
All they ask is a good advice. Be talkative and give them a great information. Don't think that you are wasting your time and just sit on your desk not interested in what they are talking about. Not every day is a tattoo day.

2. Make sure that your customers are feeling good in your studio
During the time they are choosing the design, make sure that they feel great and they got all they need, tattoo books, catalogs, photos etc.

3. Tell your customers about your career
People need to know who to trust and why. So, spend some time talking about your beginnings and your highest career goals. Make them believe that you are a professional artist with experience. Those things will make them trust you.

4. Show them your studio
When someone comes for the first time in your studio, is very important to see a clean studio. Walk around the studio with your potential clients. If they ask for a tattoo, show them the place where they would get their first tattoo. Would be really great if they see some of the certificates you have in your studio.

5. Tell them about the potential risks of getting a tattoo
Don't be hurry when the tattoo procedure end up. Be talkative, give your customers all the answers they are looking for. Every second with your clients is money. Yes, it is. If the tattoo they have chosen is cheap that doesn't mean their friend's would be too.

6. Always be open for suggestions
Some people just want to be tattooed, but they don't know what to tattoo. Some are asking for suggestions, opinions about the placement, size, colors etc. In this situations, be open for suggestions. Use your imagination and experience, try to help them. Show them your sketchbook... They will probably choose something right away, rather then to search on the internet.

7. Be supportive when it comes to designs
Clients could be funny, crazy, sometimes weird... Every tattoo hides its own story. Some people wants to be rebels and they are choosing design with some racist content or any type - offensive. If you're not ok with their choice then try to explain. Avoid to argue, It could affect really bad on your customers as well as your shop reputation. Try to be always kind and supportive.

8. Avoid tattooing and piercing minors
Sometimes, minors could be very enthusiastic when it comes body art. Some of them are not even informing their parents what they are up. You probably don't want the bad scenario when parents are coming and making mess in your shop. So don't make bad decisions.

9. NO Alcohol & Drugs
Sounds great to someone, but definitely not for someone who owns a tattoo shop. Don't allow drunk and people under drugs to sit on you tattoo chair. The ending would be a life time regret.

10. Be available for your customers
Even when the tattooing procedure is over and your clients go home happy, some of them want to ask more about their tattoos. It happens with a lot of people asking for advice after their first piercing or tattoo. Some, are having problems like allergies, redness etc. They react in panic so your help is more than needed. Make sure that you have some visit cards with your mobile phone or even better - website where all the aftercare info is written so people can find it.

Remember, be nice with your customers and make even more!