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Dear visitors, we are more than happy to be online with you for nine years! That’s eight years of obsessively documenting everything surrounding the world of tattoos, keeping you up to date with all aspects of the culture and the business, providing exclusive interviews with the most innovative and talented artists. We have made so many changes over the years just to full fill your demands and make a better friendly website.

We're happy that we've made so many great interviews with so many great artists such as Charles Huurman, Teya Salat, Phatt German, Roberto Pena, Paul Munteanu, Priit Salusoo, Razvan Popescu, Victor Chil, Erik Adamik, Valentina Ryabova, Bacanu Bogdan, Angelo Nicolella, Ivana Tattoo Art, Marek Maras Rydzewski, Eugene Knysh, Jakub Golebiewski, Jerry Magni, Todo Brennan, Tomash Blaszczak, Brom Art, Lady Lauren, Rich Pineda, Ed Perdomo, Marcus Jones, Samuele Briganti, Sivak Denis, Oleg Shepelenko, Victoria van Violence, Makani Terror, Lexy Hell, Dmitriy Samohin, Frank La Natra, Piotr Deadi Dedel, Darwin Enriquez, Jace Masula, Timothy Boor (Dark Images), Tony Mancia, Chad Chase, Silvano Fiato, Matteo Pasqualin, Jinxi Caddel, Moni Marino, Müllner Csaba, Liz Cook, Khan, Randy Engelhard and many more.

Also, we are happy to promote artists who work airbrush, graffiti, skateboard design, digital art, illustration, graphic design, make up, body modification, body painting and body piercing. Check out our Design board, where we publish work of fine arts.

Our goal is to bring the tattoo culture together to learn, enjoy, inspire and create. Here you can find many useful tips about the tattoo care, find your tattoo design, check out many portfolios of great tattoo artists and much more fun info.

We're honored that we've got your attention and your support!! We’ve still lots more juice in us and will continue to keep Skin Artists Magazine running for as long as there are many tattoo lovers out there.

We'll be more than happy to collaborate with you. Your ideas, questions, and remarks are always WELCOME.


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