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We are very happy to be ten years part of the international tattoo scene! That’s ten years of obsessively documenting everything surrounding the world of tattoos, providing great and quality content, pointing out some of the most important info about the tattoo art and the industry. You can read tattoo interviews with artists such as Frank LaNatra, Silvano Fiato, Tony Mancia, Müllner Csaba and many more. We try to promote the best artists and prove that nowadays tattooing is a lot more than just a simple design from a tattoo catalog and tattoos can be a custom made artwork that a clients can proudly have to the rest of their life.

We also want to educate people who don't know a lot about the importance of a proper tattoo and piercing aftercare. So we've collected many great articles that can help the audience. Keep in mind that we are always happy to respond on your questions on our message boards. We also want to let you know that we will be happy if we can help you in finding a great tattoo studio for your guest spot or your apprentice - the very important first step of becoming a professional tattoo artist.

We collaborated with so many great people who helped us promoting and sharing their art which means a lot. We are also very excited to promote graffiti, digital artists, tattoo models and event hosts. We believe that a great company is crucial when it comes to progress, so don't hesitate to contact us and share your ideas.

We're honored that we've got your attention and your support so we will continue to keep our magazine running for as long as there are many tattoo lovers out there.


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