Body Modification

Body modification (or body alteration) is the deliberate altering of the human body for aesthetic or non-medical purpose, such as sexual enhancement, a rite of passage, denoting affiliation, trust and loyalty, religious reasons, shock value, and self-expression. Body art is the modification of any part of the human body for spiritual, religious, artistic or aesthetic reasons.

There are many types of body modification such as:
Body Implants
Corset Piercing
Surface Piercing

Body modification aftercare:
Wash your hands prior to touching the piercing, leave it alone except when cleaning. The first 3 days at least you should use an anti-biotic cream (with zinc) to make sure you protect against infection and hydrogen peroxide. It is not necessary to rotate the jewelry while healing except possibly during cleaning.

Stay healthy. Get enough sleep and eat a nutritious diet. The healthier your lifestyle, the easier it will be for your piercing to heal. Make sure your bedding is clean and changed regularly. Wear clean, comfortable breathable clothing that protects your piercing while sleeping. Showering is safer than taking a bath, because bathtubs tend to harbor bacteria. If you would like to take a bath, clean the tub well before each use. The jewels you should use are very important. There are a lot of jewels in the buzz but the most recommended type of jewel is the titanium jewel. Make sure that your piercer has enough experience.

Body Modification Risks
There are a number of reasons for getting piercings, tattoos, and other body modifications. Like the rest of the body modifications such as Branding, Scarification, Body Implants etc may cost you a lot of money and there are several things you should be careful. If your facial piercing was done with a hollow needle, chances are the scar will look like a hole is still there, even years later. Genital piercings on females can cause loss of sensation. Piercings on female genitalia are not to be done by a novice. The best way to pierce the clitoris is by not piercing the clitoris itself. The hood above it is a wise alternative.

If the person piercing you is off by just a tiny bit, a piercing through the clitoris can damage nerves and cause sensation to be lost - permanently. Genital piercing on males also have risks that may or may not be worth taking. The risk of impotence caused by hitting the erectile tissue by mistake is probably number one on the list. Also, narrowing of the urethra could be a problem with the Prince Albert type of piercing. No matter what type of body modification you choose, there is a good possibility one day you may wish you hadn't.

What you should do before you decide to allow someone to do any sort of body mod or body art? Like I said in the most of the advices before the most important thing is to be informed.

The most important thing for your healthy is the hygiene. Find a great artists who works properly, with a proper studio and conditions. The needles that he is using in his work MUST be for one use. They can not be sterilized! They are just for one use! If they are in the habit of reusing needles - even if they sterilize them - leave immediately. There is NO excuse for reusing needles - ever.

Check the shop out for cleanliness and note whether or not there are latex gloves and sanitizing cleaners around work stations.
Get know him. Learn more about his personality. Being well informed about the artist is also a great way to stay save. Ask about his experience, check out his portfolio. Ask for recommendations- Aside from needles, there are other materials piercers and artists use that should be thrown out after each customer. Ink caps, razors, and stencils are a few of the others. Ask him about his experience with professional organizations or associations related to his work. Most of the better qualified artists and piercers do, and can back it up with documentation.

Make sure all needles are opened in front of you. Don't ever assume the artist or piercer opened that package when you came through the door. A package opened without you seeing it should be considered contaminated, and insist they get a new one and open it while you are watching.

Don't be shy and keep your eyes opened- it's about your body, your health!