Corset Piercing Aftercare

A corset piercing become a very popular piercing among the girls. It could look very interesting and erotic... Some girls says, it's a good way to express your self etc. When it comes to the regular healing awareness you should keep in mind that this kind of piercing is not that usual or easy to handle with. It could took long time to heal fully. It is vital to care daily, if not multiple times daily, for the piercing very intently since there are many and it can be susceptible to infection. This kind of piercing could take several months to heal properly. It requires regular aftercare treatments.

Due to the tremendous potential for the healing piercings to be irritated by normal daily life, corset piercings, even healed ones, require constant vigilance by the wearer to prevent damage.

Healing and aftercare for corset piercings is identical to healing for any surface piercings, although the healing process can be extended and complicated due to the number of piercings healing at the same time, which puts greater stress on the body.

Attending care for a corset piercing varies whether or not the piercing is still in, or freshly taken out, so if the piercing is still in make sure that the area around each piercing is free of scabbing and dried blood. Utilize a Q-tip dipped hydrogen peroxide to clean the area. Dab the topical ointment around each piercing

Removal of the piercing can result in bleeding and possible bruising. Apply firm pressure with the gauze to each removed piercing to cease blood flow, if necessary. Wipe entire area with hydrogen peroxide to remove any residue, dried blood and to disinfect.

Spray the sea salt liquid thoroughly over entire back area, until dripping, as this calms the pierced area and reduces itching and irritation. Wait until dry. Repeat this step two to three times a day, every day, for at least a week to soothe the formerly pierced area, encourage healing and prevent scarring.

Apply the topical cream or gel when necessary (i.e. crustiness around the pierced area, swelling, excessive itchiness).

Wait at least a month before having the corset piercing procedure the next time in order to fully heal.

Rejection is high in piercings like these. If you think it may be rejecting go see your piercer.

Take multi vitamins two weeks before you go to get pierced

Eating a healthy diet helps the body heal properly.

Wash your hands. Dirty hands are the most common cause of infection.

When it has finally healed, do not leave it laced for extended periods of time. This can cause rejection even in healed piercings.