Covering A Strechmark With A Tattoo

Stretch marks can appear on your stomach due to several causes, Weight gain, diseases and pregnancy can all contribute to stretch marks on your torso. If you have stretch marks on your stomach and are not happy with your appearance, getting a tattoo may be the answer to cover up the stretch marks and boost your confidence in your self image.

Whether you are hoping to cover stretch marks with a tattoo, or are worried about gaining stretch marks through an existing tattoo, the results are varied for everyone. Outcomes in these situations largely depend on the skin type, size of stretch marks and the ability of the tattoo artist.

Often people will seek to cover stretchmarks, finding the skin imperfections embarrassing. Many creams and non-surgical procedures claiming to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks are available, while often tanning and makeup are sought out as temporary solutions.

When people are looking for a more permanent and affordable means to cover stretchmarks, some lean towards tattoos. But since stretch marks don't react to being tattooed the same way general skin surfaces do, this is not always the right solution.

Stretch marks can be different colors and sizes. If stretch marks are light colored, with little variation from normal skin texture, the ability to tattoo over them would be greater than if the stretch marks were larger and deep. Ink may look and spread differently in the area of a larger stretch mark which can result an inconsistent looking tattoo.

If an artist says they are capable of tattooing over stretch marks, it might be an idea to ask to see pictures of healed tattoos they have done specifically over stretch marks. They may also tell you that the results can be unpredictable, and you should not expect a tattoo that's over stretch marks to look the same as any other tattoo.

Your Existing Tattoo
Since stretch marks are unpredictable, it's hard to determine how exactly they will affect your existing tattoo. In some cases, stretch marks running through a tattoo can break the alignment of the tattoo, causing the image to look distorted. If you have stretch marks that have distorted an existing tattoo, you can always look into the possibility of touch ups or a cover up tattoo to help correct the image.

Choosing a tattoo artist that specializes in covering up stretch marks will ensure that you are satisfied with the end result. A professional tattoo artist that is experienced in performing scar and stretch mark cover-up tattoos will offer you a portfolio of work to look through. Shopping around at tattoo shops, with your main concern as the price of the work rather than the quality, could result in a poorly executed tattoo that draws more attention to the stretch marks. If you plan to have a child, or additional children, waiting until after you have conceived the number of children you desire before receiving the tattoo is the best option. The cover-up tattoo could be damaged by the addition of more stretch marks on your stomach.

Tattoo artists that are not skilled or experienced in covering up stretch marks with tattoos may tell you that you cannot conceal the marks on your stomach with tattoo work. Professional tattoo artist Guy Aitchison of Hyperspace Studios states that cover-up tattooing for scars and stretch marks is possible for every client, as long as the tattoo artist is skilled at the process. Not every tattoo design can cover stretch marks, but a skilled tattoo artist will create a custom design with texture to conceal your stretch marks. The look of your stretch marks have a chance of being enhanced if the tattoo artist attempts to apply a cover-up with a method that works on smooth skin, causing the ink to bleed and the color in the tattoo to heal with uneven patches.

Time Frame
Your tattoo will not be a process that can be completed during your lunch hour and may not be completed in the first session, requiring you to schedule several appointments with your tattoo artist. If your cover-up tattoo will take several sessions, you will also have a two-week healing period in between each session. After your consultation, the artist will need time to draw your custom cover-up design.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream
Palmer's has both a cream and lotion available for treating stretch marks. This best selling brand uses cocoa butter as its main ingredient to combat stretch marks. It also includes collagen and elastin to improve the elasticity of the skin in order to prevent new markings from appearing. Vitamin E is also found in the cream, an ingredient that has scar and blemish healing properties.

Bella B Tummy Honey Butter
Bella B has a best selling massage cream that is specially formulated with the pregnant woman in mind. The ingredients don't leave behind a greasy feeling when applied and can also help with belly itching that is a common occurrence during pregnancy. Ingredients found in the tummy honey cream are cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera, avocado oil and almond oil. The added vitamin E helps make this an effective stretch mark cream. The stretch mark cream is a top seller at WalMart and

Strivectin-SD was originally developed as a stretch mark cream, but has also become popular as a wrinkle reducer. It is more expensive than other creams, but it contains Striadril, an ingredient that can prevent new stretch marks from developing, and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. The current formula contains a 5 percent concentration of Striadril. It is a popular seller at Ulta and other beauty supply stores.


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