tattoo interview with BalineseTattoo by Iva Kancheska 31/08/2009  

Q: When did you start doing tattoos?
Alfonso: I started tattooing since 1991.
Marco: I started tattooing since 1997.

Q: Do you enjoy the job after all these years?
Alfonso: Every day! I think it's the best job and enjoy every minute of my work.
Marco: I love my work.

Q: Are there any famous artists that have influenced you down the path of your career?
Alfonso & Marco: There are many like:Robert Hernandez, Bob Tyrel, Mike DeVries, Nikko Hurtado, Kamill Mocet, Mike Massi, Jee Sayalero, Shige, Goethe, Horioshy III, Filip Leu, Tintin, Boris, Guy Atchinson,and more.

Q: Nowadays the photo realistic tats are the most wanted designs for everyone. What are the novelties in tattooing portraits?
Alfonso & Marco: Years ago, tattoos were made photo-realistic only in black color, gray scale and white highlights, but today the color ink technique become more n' more popular.


Q: So many different tattoo styles, do you have any favorite?
Alfonso & Marco: We definitely love to tattoo in color, our secret is properly implemented, but we like to work in the gray scales which are also incredible.

Q: Your tattoos are all custom works, which is really impressive! How much time do you spend on doing sketch for each tattoo? What is your biggest inspiration?
Alfonso & Marco: Yes, most of the work we do are custom, usually the inspiration comes from the story of the tattoo.

Q: Do you have full creative freedom?
Alfonso & Marco: Not always, but you see the difference when it's allowed.

Q: What is your best advice when it comes to cover ups?
Alfonso & Marco: Make the design indicated and fit the tattoo to cover is the most recommended, usually has to have a lot of movement to conceal what lies below.

Q: Are there any artists you guys would like to work with?
Alfonso & Marco: We are always willing to work with other artists, and we are open to receive invitations.

Q: Your favorite project you've been doing lately?
Alfonso & Marco: All projects have their charm. Our reward is to see that our customers are satisfied with our art.

Q: Tattoo conventions are a good opportunity for all (especially the new ) artists. How many often do you go on tattoo conventions?
Alfonso & Marco: Obviously it's a good opportunity for everyone who wants to get involved in the industry. We're using every chance to go on the tat. conventions and show some part of out talent there, to meet other artists, to fix bugs and make them strengths. When we do a tattoo at a convention our greatest satisfaction is seeing our customers flattered by the artists and other people.

Q: What would you recommend to someone wishing to get into the tattoo business?
Alfonso & Marco: To be honest, do not promise what you can't do.
Thank you for the interview Iva,