Interview with Barthez | realistic tattoos | Bulgaria 14/01/2011  

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I have been tattooing for fifteen years now in various places around the world.

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: There are many factors that contributed to my career choice, the music I listened to, my friends and my lifestyle.

Q: Do you have any artistic background?
A: I studied art at high school and went on to study for 5 years at art university where I graduated as a sculpturist in 2003.

Q: How has your work developed over the years?
A: I’ve been tattooing at my current level for the past 5 years. Before that, I was trying to experiment with different style before I settled into realism and fantasy.








Q: Probably, the most remarkable designs in your portfolio are the portraits. You are making stunning color mix. Are you always the "main" creator in doing someone's tattoo?
A: People bring in their ideas and I do my best to make them look as good as they possibly can.

Q: Do you prefer color ink?
A: I do enjoy black and grey work but I prefer color ink.


Q: Have you ever thought to change something in your style it and start doing something completely different?
A: I am trying new things in my work all the time. I don’t think it’s good to just stay in your comfort zone as you will never improve.


Q: What can you say that is your "trade mark" as an artists? Something that sets you apart from other artists?
A: I do not have a trade mark,  but I have my own way of doing things that is evident in my work.

Q: What are your feature plans?
A: Maybe in the future I will do an exhibition of my paintings and drawings.