EXCLUSIVe - Bojan Tattoocream Curcic by iva Kancheska 21/11/2012  

Hello Bojan! It's a real honor to talk with you!
When I first saw your tattoos I was like "Is this a photoshop - photo, or what?" Yup, that kind of reaction. lol I'm truly amazed by your work. Seriously, during my art journey I've seen a lot of tattoo artists around doing some really great tattoos, but I have to admit that your work is something that I find really unique, touchable and fascinating. It seems like you set your artwork apart from the popular media - style and all those tattoo stereotypes etc. I totally relate you with the best artists around the tattoo industry.

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: Well when I was young I was looking to my older brother who was doing some comic drawings and that really inspired me to try myself in that too. The first reason was because I was interested in art,the other one was because I wanted to do what he was doing because he was my older brother hahah . When I got older I really fall in love with drawing.

I started to experiment with different style of drawing and mediums. I've never attended any art school. Tattoo come in my life really spontaneously, I never though that I will be a tattoo artist. But I found tattoo like connection between expressing my art and my art
will quite last longer than it would last if I draw it on paper...

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I have been tattooing professionally since 2005, but I was reading and learning a lot about tattooing from internet since 2002.

Q: Artists are constantly make some changes during their art journey, how has your work developed over the years?
A: Well I was never satisfied with my works and I was always searching ways to increase my artistic abilities because I wasn't studding art in school. A long period of time I was just copying from an image and try to understand shadings and key things in achieving realistic drawing... From the last 2 years I thing I've achieved some knowledge, I am trying to push myself further and do my own realistic flashes...

Q: Do you have any role models, people you simply admire?
A: I do have lots of artist that I admire, Jack Rudy, Robert Hernandez, Bob Tyrell, Jason Buther, Zhivko Baychev... I have more but I guess it would took too long to count them all haha..

Q: Tattooing takes lot of energy and dedication, at least to me. How did you learn the basic skills? Was it hard for you? Did you put all the energy on tattooing or it's about talent? (laugh)
A: I guess that it is all about knowledge in drawing... The better artist you are on paper, the better tattoo artist you will be. For me, the hardest thing about tattooing was the fact that I wasn't able to do so smooth shadings as I would do on paper.
The process of learning took really long time. :/

Q: You have a well-defined tattoo style. From technical aspect I can say that your work is outstanding. Seems like the black & gray tattoos are something that you most enjoy. What is most difficult in doing a B&G piece?
A: Heh I just said above :) . Hardest thing to do in black and gray for me is to do smooth
transitions and soft shadings, it takes time for that but I really like the results at the end. And yes, I really most enjoy doing black and grey works .

Q: Portraits are maybe the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. Do you remember when the impression for this kind of work first began?
A: Well my interest for portrait tattooing started to grew in me 3 years ago when I decided to draw few portraits in pencil. I liked a lot results and I felt that I could do exactly same quality on skin with a time and lot of effort.

Q: Do you consider this type of work as your specialty, something that people can just rely on your creativity while choosing their own tattoo design?
A: I wouldn't say that it is my specialty, because I feel that I have lot more to learn and achieve before I can call myself specialist :) haha , but for now I am really satisfied with my portrait tattoos and that is pushing me to learn more, and of course, clients can relay on my creativity 100%.

Q: Looking at your art world makes me feel like I'm part of the story. Love, aggression, sensuality, so many emotions that actually describes the human's nature. There is also a bit of a surreal note too. What are the most "important" details in doing a portrait tattoo? What's the secret? (laugh)
A: Heh, well when you do portrait most important is to do it as reference image haha(or you get kicked):) but if I need to point to something that is most important in technically aspect it would be shadings and no outlining at all.

Q: Apart from the amazing portrait work, you love to play with some illustrative designs too. How do you usually corporate your idea with the client's idea? Do you use sketchbook?
A: Well what ever client brings me I would try to make it realistic piece. Because I guess that is my style. I would first explain my client what I think it would be better artistically and then after that I draw a rough sketch with charcoal pencils.

Q: Do you get caught up emotionally while doing some painting or tattoo, or you keep that separate?
A: Not a single drawing that I draw was made without emotion that I felt in that particular moment. I draw when I feel inspirational and emotionally pushed. Usually music makes me emotional a lot so I try when it is possible to tattoo with my headphones on.

Q: From 3d drawings and oil painting to tattoos, I even saw some of your amazing photographs. Wow! Which medium you like the most?
A: Thank you for kind compliment. Right now I enjoy most in charcoal drawing, for me it is best medium, it is fast and more darker than graphite pencil. I was introduced to that technique by one great artist and great person - Jamie MacKay.

Q: I can totally relate your painting style with your tattoos. Do you find painting as a self-expression, or it's just a great hobby?
A: Since I am little closed person I find drawing as way to express my inner feeling, and yes they are talk a lot about my personality.

Q: Since your style is well know, have you ever thought to try something completely different?
A: I like to try something new, but when I try I really return fast to my previous style that I feel most comfortable with.

Q: They said "The real artist is never fully satisfied" There is always something new to accomplish, discover, something new to try etc... What are your goals, or things that you might want to accomplish in the next few years?
A: It is truth, you can't be satisfied never while there are so many styles of tattooing and drawings to achieve. The real artist will always find a reason to push himself further of current stage that he achieved.

My goals... I would love to make my own book of technique of drawing that I learned till now. I would love to travel more and to meet other artists and learn something new from them...

Q: Art could be a great influence on someone's personality. What is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: Art help me to express my deepest thoughts and doubts, my negative and positive thinking without one word needed to say...

Q: Any advice for those who are starting out their career?
A: Don't waste any single day without creating something.

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