interview with Danny Fugate | Ambition Tattoo | Knoxville 06/05/2009  

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I have been tattooing for 6 years. I became a licensed artist in April of 2003.

Q: How long did you apprentice?
A: My apprenticeship was only 1 year.

Q: Your work is really amazing! I can see a lot of colorful photo realistic works, is that your specialty?
A: I wouldn't say it is my specialty but it is defiantly my favorite thing to tattoo. I as an artist don't think I specialize in any one style I like to keep an open mind and tattoo several different ways.

Q: A lot of colors on one portrait is that a good way to make the portrait more photo realistic or its just an artistic way of introducing the photo?
A: Well with doing a portrait, there are so many different colors that are used, some of that aren't even noticed. Sometimes I use purples and greens as different tones under my browns and peaches. I mix a lot my colors all together.

Q: Your favorite portrait you've done lately?
A: My favorite portrait I have done would probably be the one I did of myself. It was an awesome experience to tattoo my face. Its not everyday I get a request for a portrait of me.

Q: How did you develop your work over the years?
A: I have worked with many different artists over the years and I try to pick up a little bit of how they tattoo and then use it with how I tattoo. I also spend a lot of time drawing, painting and researching other artists to broaden my knowledge to try to further develop my own style.

Q: Is there any tattoo style you want to develop on your own?
A: I do but all I'm going to say is pop art and realism.

Q: Tattoos have been treated as a deviation.. etc   Do you think it will ever become fully accepted as an art?
A: Yes and no. With the help of television it is growing with popularity and is becoming more main-stream. There will always be stereotypes but our job as artists is to break through these stereotypes and show people what true art really is. One of the many definitions of art is creative activity, especially painting and drawing, resulting in visual representation... whether or not this is on paper, canvas or skin it is all one in the same... ART...


Q: What equipment you prefer?
A: I have many different machines. I'm always looking for new ones that are better then the last set I had. They are forever changing, as far as my ink I use mostly millennium ink but I also use colors from intinze, star brite and kero sumi.

Q: You re traveling all over the world. Do you have some favorite places to visit?
A: Well my favorite place in the country would have to be NYC. It my favorite place to visit. Huntington beach were I currently live I have no complaints about. The weather is amazing , The surf is good. Although I do look forward to going Over seas to Europe, Asia and Australia.

Q: What are your feature plans?
A: I'm currently working on some new paintings that will be for sale through I'm also working on a few sketchbooks and a set of flash. I currently have a few that are available from