tattoo interview with Eric Kueh | Kuching, Malaysia 01/09/2010  

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I started tattooing at end of 2005.

Q: Do you have an artistic background growing up?
A: I just get involved in all the artistic works when in was getting started tattooing seriously around 2006. I can see and learn a lot from other great artist all over the world. They inspired me a lot in all my works and carrier. Internet help me a lot for information and connect me to the world.

Q: When you did your first tattoo?
A: I was 14 when I did my 1st tattoo. I wanted to get a tattoo from a local tattoo studio but due to the expensive price than I started to create a home made machine to fill up our wishes with the dynamo from the radio. I started tattooing myself in my free time after the school hours.

Q: Do you have any influences?
A: There's never ending in learn and there's a lot better artists than me outside there. I love Paul Booth, Paul Acker, Joshua Carlton, Bob Tryrell, Mike Devires, Niikko Hurtado, Guy Aitchison and many more great artist all around the world. I love the fact that they create their own style and name on their works.

Q: What got you interested in the business?
A: I think tattooing carrier is a very good and fun because we can travel, make a lot of friends. It's a job with good prospect, since the world now everyday getting demand on tattoo.


Q: How long took you to learn the basic skills?
A: I wanted to change my style after I joined the Singapore tattoo show at 2009. From that time I wanted to get travel to sharpen my skill. I just learn myself in my home town and my town is a small place and lack from development, so my skills was limited, since the Singapore tattoo show. I saw a lot of great artists working, from there we get some tips and try our-self.


Q: Outside tattooing, photography and sculpting is something you enjoy. Awesome!! I was impressed when I saw the dark portrait of Frankenstein. How much time was necessary to create this fabulous piece of art?
A: It takes 3 to 4 hours to coloring and create the mask a with clay.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use to make it so "real"?
A: Just with a clays, some small tool, acrylic color and my hand, cause all the mask is custom done and only one.


Q: Where did you learn the skills?
A: I've worked in construction, carpenter, painting, semi - conductor company ,so all of this is a great working experience.

Q: Do you also do custom orders?
A: Creating mask its just a hobby for now maybe someday I will mold it out and sell to public.

Q: What are your feature plans? Please feel free to share your work info.
A: My biggest wishes is to travel more and more. I hope that I will improve more and keep on learning. If any tattoo studio all around the world that need guest artist or assistant may contact me.

Thank you Iva! My website is
It was a pleasure Eric.