Exclusive Interview with Faith Evangeline by Iva Kancheska 07/11 /2011 

Q: How old were you when the passion for design started?
A: Very young, I used to make jewelry out of play-do. :)

Q: You were like an artistic kid or you have some artistic background growing up?
A: I was a very artistic child; it was an outlet for my excess energy. As far as an artistic background, my family members all seem to have creative ways about them. I come from a family of jewelers, seamstresses, painters, and musicians. We are like Gypsies; most own their own businesses or have no interest in career goals, just life and living.


Q: Do you have any role models?
A: My Grandmother Beverly is very much someone I look up to, my Grandmother Veda, and friends that have past serve as muse inspiration.

Q: Do you remember your first creation?
A: My first silver jewelry creation was a silver ring. It was inspired by the unity of life/death, light/dark, and an album cover of one of my favorite bands.


Q: To be a creative person means to be open minder, educated, fun, well balanced etc. At least to me... What is creativity for you?
A: Freeing yourself of demons. Using negative energy from unfortunate events to create positive energy from my creation. Turning bad to good. Changing a situation with your personal power of invention and will. Creativity to me is a part of my becoming, being, and destination. It is the first way I became free.

Q: Art takes discipline and as an artist you should follow some steps. How much time was necessary to get into this great level?
A: All artists are great. The human experience puts every one of us in a place and a time. All efforts are great, no matter how small. Your becoming should take your whole life. It will take my whole life to become. I do not see art as discipline. It just is all by itself. I always quote Bruce Lee when I describe this. "A good fight should be like a small play but, played seriously. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when the opportunity presents itself, I do not hit. It hits all by itself. " Artists, musicians, even people in general are not made, they become. It hits all by itself.


To talk about your style is a great pleasure...
Thank you for your kind words.

Q: Many of your compositions features dark motives. What is their significance? Is there any message? Btw, they look awesome!
A: My designs all come from dark places. This is because I am taking the energy from a situation I cannot detach from. When I create I purge it. This makes it positive and beautiful. This changes everything. Instead of anger or fear, I translate these emotions into positivity tangible in my hands.


Q: Do you get caught up in the meaning of your artworks or you keep that separate?
A: The meaning is why it exists. Nothing is separate from art. Nothing exists without it. Everything is a creation.

Q: Do you have a sketchbook?
A: It starts with feelings, from my head to my hands. Then it translates from energy to tangible. The process can vary but the result is the same. Visions become real and imaginary become reality.


Q: What is the sickest or most mind boggling design that you have done?
A: LOL! Anything couture. It's my passion. :)

Q: It seems like you're very inspired by the Vintage period. Are you? Share some thoughts with us.
A: Yes, many eras. The before is better than the now. Design has become watered down in so many areas. Hours are filled with too many external disasters. Technology has numbed our mental power and stunted our personal growth. I miss the way things were.

Q: What would you say that your style gives a feminine note the most?
A: Power, the drive behind personal power, and the final freedom to express it. For example, the cameo skull logo, the need to be pretty outside and dead on the inside. Can we say we’d rather be smart than pretty or thin? Can I say, I don’t give a fuck what the hell I’m not good enough for in the eyes of pop culture when I am wearing my Caroline Necklace as my personal amulet? Your personal power is greater than all of the things you ever feared when you know where to focus it. I do it with jewelry. :)


Q: You are well-known by your gorgeous style. Can you give us a rundown of your excellent tattoo collection, your hair style etc?
A: I am? I had no idea. I didn't think I was known at all. The jewelry tho, I hope it is known, and brings a different sense to what jewelry is in this day and age. As for my tattoos, I have no clue to how many I have and they are the only thing that isn't changing. My hair is different every 2 or 3 months. My favorite scary demon is change. Stare at it in the eye for awhile and you become its master.


Q: Nowadays, there are many fashion designers, shows etc etc... Do you think that this new mainstream euphoria actually gives people a chance to be unique or people are too scared to look different and being self stylist?
A: It is good that people are embracing it as a fad because everyone should be creative. Everyone should be whatever they want to be and exhaust negativity through creation instead of idle gossip and illusions. If a fad gave them the courage to do it, who cares, all humans are artists. Just living should be your first art. Everyone deserves to be happy and to do what they love.

Q: What reaction from the clients makes you happiest?
A: I love it when I see tears. It makes me cry too. :)


Q: Any crazy experiences with the clients?
A: Too many to conjure.

Q: Designers you like to collaborate with?
A: Open minded and loving designers are the list. Names? We are so much more than names. Actions. That is the ticket.

Q: Looking at your website made me think that your writer? Are you? Give me little background about the books like "Hurricane", "The weight of things" and "Catfight". They seem to be "Must read" books.
A: A writer? A few lifetimes ago. The only MUST READ books are the ones that interest you personally. Reading what 'they' tell you to read is a waste of your time. Reading what 'they' tell you is popular is a waste of your time. Reading what interests you? ... It's time. :)

Q: What is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: Nothing is wrong. No one’s opinion of you is important. This is your shell, you paint it. :)

Q: Please feel free to share your contact info / mail, website etc.
A: Fashion Week in Feb 2012, some beautiful tear sheets I have waited a lifetime for, the filming of a reality show pilot, and some amazing charity events. 2012 will so rawk!

Thank you for the interview.
You are welcome!