EXCLUSIVE interview - Nick Santino - A Rocket to the Moon 11/03/2013


Hello Mr.Nick Santino! Young, intelligent, ambitious, maybe a romantic dreamer? What should I say to describe you? lol Definitely an inspiring musician!!! Your ambition to make a beautiful art story of a band is probably now happening, so congratulations Nick.
I'm one of the millions fan girls out there but lucky enough to have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you!

I really enjoy your music, I somehow find myself into your lyrics, I dance, I laugh, sometimes there are some tears ... But hey, wouldn't be any better? Your band "A Rocket to the Moon" is probably something that you're most proud of. Something that is considered as your canvas, your art portfolio, your diary...

Q: For me, the name of the band is like a vision, a new dimension, a destiny, like being a part of something untouchable and unusual. How did you came up with the name of the band? Is there any special hidden message?
A: Oh man, I think your question is a lot cooler than my answer. I'm just a space nerd. I wish I had a better meaning!! Haha.

Q: As a frontman and as a creator would you say that you always wanted to create a band? Was this a dream of yours? How did you get your start?
A: Yeah, I was doing the solo thing for a little bit and it got lonely and kinda scary. Needed to share the love a little.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic about your work?
A: Seeing how my songs affect people really keeps me going.

Q: Did you ever believe that you would have five recorded albums and a tour planned?
A: Not if you asked me when I was in high school! It's a dream come true.

Q: It seems like having four guys in the band could be little hard. Are you guys always supportive to each other, especially when it comes to the artistic views?
A: Yeah we're brothers. We fight and make up like brothers.

Q: Many of your songs are an emotional journey, did you write all of the songs? Do you relate to all of the songs personally?
A: The songs on this record all mean something dear to me and the rest of the band. We write about real life situations and related topics.

Q: We are living in a modern society that doesn't allow us to be really emotional - modern love is on social media etc. yet your lyrics are so tangible. Would you consider yourself as a romantic person? What is your view on modern love?
A: I'd like to think I am romantic. Maybe? Haha. I just really enjoy writing love songs. Life is too short to be negative. Love is the most positive thing we have. We can create it out of thin air, and it's exactly like song writing.

Q: Being a songwriter must be similar to being a therapist! Which of your songs gives people the most emotional reaction?
A: Hopefully some of the new ones. There's one on the new record called Lost And Found and I think that one is the most therapeutic.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any other interests outside of music that help inspire you?
A: Everywhere. Personal experiences. Not so personal ones. Everything inspires me.

Q: You're very funny on stage, joking with the audience and your band mates, it's fun to see. Do you guys have any special rituals before a gig?
A: We usually tell each other not to mess up. Then we put our hands in then yell something random.

Q: What was the most interesting experience with a female fan? Any memories you would like to share?
A: Most of our fans are female. It's funny when they propose with ring pops. It's happened a bunch. I usually just accept it haha.

Q: Would you say that your life has changed drastically since you're touring?
A: Yes. For the good and bad. You miss home a lot. But you also spend a lot of time figuring yourself out.

Q: Can you have a normal relationship with a girl? Or is it difficult with all of the female fans?
A: I have for the last 8 years. Sure it's bumpy at time. But we both love each other and that keeps it alive.

Q: Can you describe your ideal girl?
A: Someone that can put up with my crazy lifestyle. Luckily, I've found her.

Q: Do you feel sometimes homesick while on tour?
A: All the time. And I get homesick when I am home from tour. My home is the road. My home is also in Massachusetts.

Q: Where is your dream destination to play a show?
A: I enjoy South East Asia. They are always so welcoming.

Q: Are there any inspiring musicians that you would love to collaborate with?
A: Tom Petty. For sure.

Q: You have five albums recorded - which album made you most proud?
A: Well, we really only have one full length. But I would say this new one we're putting out makes me the most proud. It's the most honest.

Q: What's most challenging about being in a band?
A: Arguing over dumb stuff. From who's driving next, to where we are eating lunch. But it's one big happy family. We fight like a family.

Q: I've noticed lots of cool ink on your body. What do your tattoos means to you? Guide me a bit into your inked madness!
A: They've kind of just become a collection. They mean everything from family, to favorite movies. It's like a scrap book. I don't regret any of them. Not even the bad ones. They all have stories and I remember where and when I got every single one. That's the best.

Q: Would you say that tattoos are a great way of self expression?
A: Yes. Definitely.

Q: The old school tattoo designs are probably most remarkable on your arms, then there some letters on your chest "All you need is love." Which tattoo is most meaningful to you?
A: They all mean a lot to me for different reasons. It's hard to pick the one that means most. That's why I got them all permanently drawn on me.

Q: Is there any difference between Nick Santino on the stage and Nick at home? Is it hard to keep it professional all the time?
A: Ummm. Not really. The thing about me is I'm the same person on and off stage. I hate gimmicks. I hate when you see a band on stage and they seem amazing then you meet them and they are the opposite of that. I'm just an awkward kid from Braintree MA. I'm always going to be.

Q: Do you think that your music progress will somehow change your personality? (in a positive sense)
A: Yeah. That's how the best songs get written I'd say.

Q: Art can be a great journey - what have you learned about yourself from your art journey with A Rocket to the Moon?
A: Don't take anything for granted. It could all be gone tomorrow.

Q: People can be jealous, crazy, unreliable - as a young musician what are some of your greatest challenges and obstacles you face?
A: You meet a lot of great people, but you also meet a lot of fake people. I think I have a pretty good filter that separates the good and the bad.

Q: Do you find music as a cure, an endless salvation from all of the negative aspects of life?
A: Yeah. That's why I do it.

Q: In a few words, can you give a little advice to all aspiring artists?
A: Don't ever give up. It might sound cliche. But always push yourself. You'll find that there is always something new to pursue. Just keep running down that dream.

Mr.Santino, I can't describe how happy I'm having this chance to share some of my thoughts with you and actually making this interview! THANK YOU for taking the time, It means a lot.

If Taylor Swift was a man, and Tom Petty was her father- you would get: A Rocket to the Moon

A Rocket to the Moon began in 2006- in singer/songwriter Nick Santino's bedroom in Braintree Massachusetts. Recording and releasing electo-tinged sonic music under the name A Rocket to the Moon, Santino quickly gained fans nationally and internationally, throughout the MySpace music boom. Soon after his launch on MySpace, Santino was snatched up by Fueled by Ramen Records, [Paramore, FUN, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Panic! at the Disco, Twenty One Pilots] the label he continues to call home today.

It has been four years since the band last released their debut full-length album. On Your Side garnered 80,000+ albums and 700,000+ digital singles sold, while their single "Like We Used To" received over 11,500 radio spins to date. They have also had success on the licensing front, their music reaching an audience of 43+ million people. In between 2013 and 2009, they released two EP's: That Old Feeling, and The Rainy Day. Their music has been prominently featured on MTV's Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, they have been a featured band on the American Music Awards, and a highlighted artist on ABC's music lounge.
On the touring front, A Rocket to the Moon has performed with Vans Warped Tour and Bamboozle, and have shared the stage with Cobra Starship, FUN. All American Rejects, and Hanson, to name a few. 2013 is going to be an exciting year for A Rocket to the Moon, with an upcoming spring tour, and a brand new album on the horizon. And to think, it all started in a bedroom in Braintree.

You can visit the band here: http://www.arockettothemoon.net
TWITTER: Nearly 175,000+ Twitter Followers Combined
FACEBOOK: 625,000+ Facebook Likes
YOUTUBE: Official YouTube Page has 7 Million+ Views