tattoo Interview with Takami Horikoshi by Iva Kancheska 28/07/2010  


Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: About 15 years.

Q: Who are your influences?
A: When I start tattooing, I got inspiration from each artist, but now I get inspiration from myself! Everything what make me feel alive makes me more creative.

Q: Do you have any formal art training? Could you please describe your style?
A: Usually I don’t read tattoo magazines or books about tattoos. I love to read and study famous painters art and their way of thinking! I don’t have a standard tattoo style like just Japanese or some dark style), I can do anything. I have a instinctual creative feeling! I try to do a unique tattoo for a unique person...The balance has a big importance in my work!

Q: Give us a little description about the facial tattooing?
A: It’s not easy to get tattoo on the face, is not about the pain. The feeling is important! In my opinion the face tattoo has a big importance, and that is even more important then the problems what probably came out!


Q: It must hurt! How did you survive it? :0
A: Ha,ha,ha.. that it’s a funny question! The facial tattoo looks painful but other places on body are more painful! I said on the question before and I will repeat: "the strong hearth is important"!

Q: What kind of colors do you use?
A: Usually the ink what I use is Eternal, but that is not so important as the technical I use in my work!


Q: Where do you find more freedom in tattooing or painting?
A: That is a little bit difficult question! When I tattoo I use my idea and customer's idea...We're making mix. That is really funny... When I draw I use just my free mind! I don’t know what to answer, I don’t have preferences!

Q: Are the drawing skills very important to make a great art piece on skin?
A: Of course...very important! I draw a lot. I always use the “moment image"! Is very important to feel what you want to draw, it's not just because “I have to to that”!

Q: What would you recommend to someone wishing to get into the tattoo business?
A: For me tattoo is not a business, is a adventure! My advice is to work hard, drawing a lot to skill up, to build his own world and don’t give up !

Q: What are your feature plans?
A: I always feel what I want to do. I will go for it, my feelings are instinctual! I don’ have something who I want do do but I doesn’t done!

Thank you, TAKAMI !!
You are welcome!