How to choose the right design?

 There are few ways to make it happen... The tattoo magazines often contain full-color photos of tattoo models, tattoos by respected and great artists, flash sets etc. Look for designs in magazines, books, posters, stickers, and everything else you can come across. Another way is to visit tattoo studios in your area and look at the designs and photo displays on the wall, and their portfolios. It's nice to ask them for an advice about the placemen of the tattoo, the colors, but don't get limited.

Follow your imagination, after all it's about your tattoo, right?
If your tattoo is to honor someone else or to express your strong feeling to your loved ones, think about the things they enjoy the most and what message you want to pass on.

Ask for suggestions: Your friends are the best choice, instead your artist. Ask them about their experience, about their choices... You don't have to draw the image yourself, but express your true feeling to the tattoo artists and listen to their suggestions.
Decide whether you want your tattoo in black and gray, or full color. It won't make a big difference technically, but it might be different for the meaning of the tattoo.

Search on the internet: There are a lot of advices out there. Don't be quick, it's about your lifetime tattoo, not a henna tattoo....
Flash galleries, tattoo flash sets... Is it a good way to find my tattoo design??

It seems like tattoos are becoming more and more popular, not just for the supplies, for the "modern" image which is helping tattoos to become a mainstream, there are a lot of ways to choose your design. Magazines, Online tattoo portfolios, etc.

But that's not all. There are a lot of creative people working on tattoo flash art. Their drawings are so inspiring and they are helping us to decide about our very firs tattoo or just another one for our tattoo collection.

Yes! It's a good way to choose your design. Look around, there must be some design you like. There a lot of styles but your homework before you go on your tattoo session it's to know what exactly you want.

Do your research! On the internet there are a lot of tattoo flash websites, that seeks to bring great part of someone's tattoo portfolio. There are websites specialized for this kind of art.

If you are searching for bio mechanical or Japanese sleeve but you don't know how to draw your image, or you are still in the struggle of finding the exact motive, the flash galleries are the best choice.

You can find every tattoo style within their motives. It's easy to look around and make some research.


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