How To Know If You're Ready For The First Tattoo


Have You Ever Liked Anything Forever?
That's the question! Think about it. Is it a person, a life statement, a memory, a pet?

Whatever it is the tattoo design you want to tattoo, must be meaningful to you, otherwise it doesn't make any sense. As time passes you might get bored of the tattoo and want to remove it. Tattoo removal is a long and expensive method so it's not a good idea. As tattoos have grown in popularity and social acceptance, you may have confusion "Should I get a tattoo or not". If there is something that you really love, then a tattoo is a great way to show off how you feel. There are many reasons why people wish to have tattoo on their body. Some of the reasons might be:

Memories of loved ones - this is one of the most common reasons to get a tattoo on your body for your lifetime. The loved one may be dead or alive. Whatever, this type of tattoo depicts the love inside you for that person.

Religious - another common tattoo is the religious tattoo. Many people get these tattoos as a sign of their devotion to their beliefs.

Passions - if there is something you are really passionate about, then go get the tattoo on you. For example, it may be a sports team or any game. Personal passions are fairly few.

- To make a statement.
- To make their body more pleasing to themselves.
- Just because they like some design?

These reasons listed above are just common. There may be a different reason for getting a tattoo as people vary. You can hear a different and funny reason from some people who had tattooed or wish to be.

How To Choose a Meaningful Tattoo?
Whether you are tattooing for the first time or just adding on to your own collection of body tattoos, you will always be left with the question of how to choose meaningful tattoos. Tattoo enthusiasts get psyched about getting a tattoo on their skin, but they are also aware of the meaning of tattoos. The body art is one of the hippest ways to convey yourself and flaunt your character to strangers. In ancient times, people used tattoos to drive away evil, bring good luck, and decorate body and also to express themselves. There are thousands of tattoo designs and creating a meaning out of your tattoo is very important. If you spend your time and energy in making your tattoos meaningful, you will feel satisfied and content after getting tattooed.

Think About Your Reasons
While tattoos are fashionable and exciting, you just can't go wild and pick some design that is interesting to look at. You are going to have your tattoo permanently on your skin for your lifetime. Hence, you should choose a design that has some reasons associated with you. You should not regret the tattoo even when you get old. Before hunting for tattoo designs, think about your reasons for getting a tattoo. You may be interested in tattooing just for the sake of it, but your design should reflect something close to your heart. You can express your spirit or honor someone or God through your tattoo designs.

Things "NOT TO DO" while getting a tattoo:
Do not get a tattoo in any place that can be seen by others. You may regret it later. Even though tattoos are more acceptable these days, there are still liabilities while applying for a job.

Do not get a tattoo in the name of your boyfriend/girlfriend unless you get a ring on your finger. 99% love relations at present are failures. So, don't do anything stupid that you'll regret in your future.

Do not get a tattoo based on bad memories. Memorializing bad memories is not good for your mental health.

The expense of tattoo removal may vary from $3000 to $8000.

The truth is, none of these "DO NOT'S" matters if you really want to get a tattoo, except for people's judgments. If you really want to do it, go right ahead. You are the only one who has to deal with it throughout your life. Try to pick a good and experienced tattoo artist. Make sure to see the original photographs of the work done by the artist you pick. It'll be better to go to someone whose work you have seen in person.

So, what's all about?

*Be original!
Whether you want a tattoo or a piercing, you must know one thing - body art is all about originality. Twins are cute when they are still toddlers but when they get older, they look silly together. Just like a tattoo, body paint or a piercing, it will not look pleasing if two people have the same design totally alike.

*It stays forever
Drunk or not, once you have your body tattooed on, it has been done. It stays on permanently and it'll be part of your life, so be careful when choosing the design or deciding to get a tattoo.

Besides that, think maturely about what you want to have. Many people often think of body art lightly and just have it done on a whim. Mostly, what can mean most to you today cannot have the same effect on you as yesterday so choose your words wisely or your design thoroughly.

Body art comes with a price and though it may be a thing for expression you still have to think about how much it will cost you. Cheap tattoos aren't good and good tattoos aren't cheap.

*Where to get it
Tattooing is a common thing but make sure you align yourself with a credible artist. Tattooing and body piercing both involve skin penetration, and it involves your vessels to. The equipment they use should be clean as eve, not re used and recycled.

How about you? What's your opinion? How did you choose your tattoo?

Let me know, what you are your thoughts. I would love to read your comments and just make a point of it, or simply just to laugh and make a good day of today lol.
Thanks for your attention!