interview with Alesssandro Evola by iva kancheska 18/09/2014

Hello Alesssandro Evola! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. It's really nice, having this opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you...

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: Hi Iva, thank you for this opportunity, I've start tattooing six years ago.

Q: You do lots of tattoo styles and you're great at them all. Do you have any favorite?
A: Thanks, I like ranging trough all different styles including my personal dark view, but my favorite is the black and gray realistic horror one.

Q: I love the black and gray tattoos, especially the shading technique. How long did you need to achieve those skills? Did you apprentice?
A: The most important lesson I've learned about this job is that you never stop learning. You always have to deal with someone better than you. I had the chance to be supported by Alessandro Raggi (ETERNAL TATTOO STUDIO-GENOVA) and later to attend a workshop by Silvano Fiato which showed me a brand new way to give life to my pieces. It's very subjective the time you need to achieve this skills...of course it depends also from your passion!!!

Q: Horror motives are really eye-catching designs in your portfolio. Would you say that tattooing it's a bit of self expression? Would you connect your personality with any particular style?
A: I grown up reading Poe, King, Lovercraft and watching any kind of horror films so my dark mood is of course reflected in my tattoos.

Q: Talking about creativity, what's your biggest inspiration? How do you usually get your ideas? Do you use sketchbook, do you draw a lot?
A: My artists of big inspiration are Dmitriy Samohin Tommy Lee Wendtner and Silvano Fiato. Usually I start from pictures and I like drawing a lot . Actually any new project can start from a movie that I like in particular, or a song or a book or anything that catches my attention.

Q: What tattoo designs are most difficult to work on?
A: On my opinion, due to my dark approach I find "feminine flowers "themes most difficult to work on...I'd rather prefer skulls!!!

Q: I guess being a tattoo artist could be a very funny profession. You meet lots of different people all the time, you hear their stories etc... How do you feel when you're all finished with the tattoo of your client? What reaction from a client makes you happiest?
A: Every single costumer who shares with me a piece of his/her life just flattered me, sometimes are happy stories, others are sad, of course I try to be too much evolved by emotional feelings. I used to be focused on doing the best job I can. Anytime I finish a tattoo I feel richer as a person ...tears and astonishment are the best reaction my clients...This is when I'm shure I did a great job!!



Q: Any weird parents wanting their kid to get tattooed? haha How you "handle" the weird, crazy clients? Do you always support their ideas, or they are some designs you simply don't want to tattoo?
A: Usually I try to handle difficult situations with parents and kids. From times to times some costumers have a really weird ideas which unfortunately I can't tattoo.

Q: Italy is a beautiful country to visit, I bet even better if you have your tattoo appointment during the tourist tour... Please share some basic info about your tattoo studio. (Location/contact info etc)
A: My tattoo studio is located in Cairo Montenotte a small town in Liguria near to Savona and Genova, is between the mountains and the sea, we are open every day except the Monday.

- How long usually takes to get an appointment? How do you set up your schedule?
Usually we take an appointment a day.

Q: Your three words that always cheer you up when things get tough in the studio? What's your motivation self-speech?
A: mmm...difficult question... I have to admit it... it's my girlfriend who motivates me with a loving stroke !!! Ah ah ah I'm joking!!!

Q: Any advice for the beginners?
A: I was a beginner, so always be humble but at the same time be ambitious!!!

Please share your contact info/website.
Ale e Ale Tattoo: corso Dante 100r Cairo Montenotte SV ITALY
OR CALL 3491655459 / 3806844969