tattoo Interview with Andrea Lanzi by Iva Kancheska 12/04/2010 

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: I was tattooing for about 18 years. I opened my first studio 10 years ago called "ANTIKORPO".

Q: Do you have an artistic background growing up?
A: I'm self-taught artist. I grew slowly by my passion for drawing and art in general. It took many years to refine the technique of tattoo art and sculpture.

Q: How old were you when you did your first tattoo?
A: I was 17. I made my first tattoo on my forearm. It was a six-pointed star formed by two crossed triangles.

Q: Do you have any influences?
A: The artist who approached me was the artist of Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi). He led me to use the realism that he used in his paintings. I was passionate to modern and contemporary work. I was experimenting with various techniques and materials, trying to get a realistic vein as close to classical and religious.


Q: What got you interested in the business?
A: Since I opened the ANTIKORPO Tattoo Studio 10 years ago, this became my only job and my greatest passion that allows me to live happily with my family.

Q: How much time was necessary to develop your tattoo skills?
A: My technique of tattooing is evolving, there is always something to learn. 10 years of continuous work led me to these results.

Q: What is your favorite style?
A: Living in Italy with a classic artistic culture, are certainly focused on realistic style, but nevertheless it is very difficult to make people appreciate the classic tattoo might be like Botticelli Venus in place of a Japanese geisha.

Q: Outside tattooing, sculpting is your second passion. I was impressed by your "piggy" creation:) How much time was necessary to create this piece of art?
A: Sculpture as the tattoo art is part of my life. Lately I've been experimenting with gyms that allow scenery to produce results similar to human skin. The implementation process is very long. To obtain a sculpture as Pig is required a week of continuous work.

Q: What is your biggest inspiration? Do you use a sketchbook?
A: I must say that I get more inspiration from the Web. Sometimes I'm looking at random pictures that potentially have nothing to do with the finished sculpture. However for a good sculptor sketchbook is always a necessary and fundamental.


Q: What equipment do you use?
A: I use different materials, from modeling clay for children to the latest silicone rubber.

Q: Where did you learn sculpturing?
A: The artistic training at the academy of fine arts has taught me the basics of sculpture which then evolved by continuous experimentation and frequent art exhibitions.


Q: Do you also work on custom orders?
A: The commissioned works are always a constraint for me, but happened to run parts required by customers.

Q: What sets you apart form other artists?
A: The artist is the one that materializes his thought. Everyone has their own .... here is the difference!

Q: What are your feature plans?
A: Only the best!

Thank you for the interview Iva,