Interview with TSOIE | Realism Tattoo Style | Romania | 19/05/2020


 Hello Tsoie! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself and what inspired you to start tattooing?

Hello, my Name is Andrei Suciu, but everybody now me like TSOIE. I'm from Romania, my studio is based in Romania. I got the passion for tattooing about 9 year ago. I've been drawing since I was a kid.

Q: Was it hard to learn the tattoo process? Anyone helped you in the way or you have figured out all by yourself?
A: I was drawing a lot when I started tattooing, I asked a lot of people in the beggining, but not a lot of people replyed. I think to "learn" this job you need to work very hard and to push your level every day.

Q: What type of tattoos you used to like back when you were starting? Do you laugh at some of your first works or you feel "anxious" and wish you could re-do all? Hah Seriously, how far you think you've come?
A: Haha I deleted all photos from my computer. Yes for sure I see progress every day, if I don't see progress then there is a problem:)) The good ideea in this passion is every day you mean/do something new if your object is not only money.

Q: What type of mindset is almost an absolute "necessity" for a beginner to have in order to get serious, get good results and become a professional?
A: My opinion is to find a good studio, who will give you oportunity to start, after that... if you work hard, everything is possible.

Q: Today, your work looks awesome. I really like the portraits. Such a good usage of black ink and great balance with the white one, great contrasts, perfect outcome! How much the knowledge of the ink is important not just while applying but even when the tattoo heals?
A: For me, the most important part is how the tattoo look when it is healed. My clients chosed that tattoo and will gonna have for their lifetime. I try a lot of inks to find my best options:)

Q: Truly, there's no "edit" or "undo" option when it comes to tattooing, there might be some people with a happy story of a cover up tattoo but that kinda seem rare? Right? Some artists will take cover up tattooing as a challenge, others will just reject the potential client... What is your take on this?
A: For now, I prefer to not do cover ups. This type of work is for people who knows the tricks of this type of work. I prefer black and white and portrait style the most:) I start to learn my clients to chose me for this style:)

Q: So many great paintings in your portfolio. I like how you combine colors it really gives a "feel" to the character. Is it just a hobby or do you work on some customs for sale too?
A: Sometimes I paint (when I find time, haha) but never for sale, but in the end sometimes I sell them because people like them a lot.

Q: We are living in a bit of a weird time right now during the covid virus. How do you feel about this situation from a tattoo artist point of view? We are closed, we will have soon new regulations... Do you keep your spirit all well during this time? What do you think the tattoo industry can at least creatively benefit from this and maybe add a bit more humility to all of those who take this job for granted with big egos?
A: For the moment we reopen studios in Romania but with high standard hyigyen (more than normal, mask etc) I found something good when all was locked because I have a son:) and I spend all my time with him and family:) Because normaly I travel a lot for guest spots.

Q: Tattoo events are very popular nowadays. I see them as a great opportunity to learn and meet people. I like the conventions, the seminars... What's your opinion? Do you have any favorite?
A: For the now, I stoped going to conventions, I'm focused in guest spots, there you also meet a lot of greats artists and you can learn a lot. But for sure I think conventions are a very good oportunity for every tattoo artist.

Q: Any motivational words for the beginners?
A: Work hard and believe in yourself.

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Mr.Tsoie Thank you so much for the interview,
Take care and keep up the great work.