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Hello Angel Quiles! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some question for our web magazine. It's a pleasure doing an interview with you. You do lots of tattoo styles, so this makes me think that there was a long way to get on this great level, let's start with some basic info about you...

Q: How long have you been tattooing?
A: Thank you! Well, that all depends. Let me explain myself. When was 13 yrs old I hand poke an "A" on myself using thread and needle attached to a match stick and some pen ink. Later, when I turn 15, Me and my friends built a home made machine using an old walk-man motor. That's how I got my second tattoo. So, when by the age of 17 I bought my first "professional" tattoo equipment. It was from an ad on a tattoo magazine. Internet wasn't as popular back then. But I start working on a shop when I turn 21. So, I start counting since then. That was in 1999, so that makes it 15 yrs now. It's being a great 15 yrs.

Q: Why tattooing, would you say that tattooing is not just a profession, but love, permission?
A: That's a really good question. I used to want to be a lawyer but I also considers myself a pirate. I guess tattooing suits me better, no? . Besides I always was fascinated by tattoos, even when I was a kid. I was also involved in the punk rock scene so I knew that at some point I will have some tattoos. When the chance came was the best thing it could happen, a dream come true. This is my passion. I can't imagine myself without tattooing.

Q: How would you describe your beginning in this job?
A: It was very hard, Challenging and different back then. Nobody will share their information, it was like they were hiding a treasure. I was mostly self thought so it was very difficult. I don't even know how I got hired the first time to work in that shop. I really wanted to tattoo so badly that it must show off.

- Did you apprentice?
My apprenticeship? I'm not done with it yet. I learn something new every day. I don't want to stop learning. I guess this is the best part of this job.

Q: As I said on the beginning, you work on many tattoo styles, do you have any favorite, or simply a style you most enjoy working on?
A: I do enjoy tattooing and when you do something you like it's always fun and that's key. I also love tattooing different styles but for some reason the American traditional and the Japanese seems to be the ones I enjoy the most. They are so easy to read, last longer. It's definitely that boldness of the designs, solid color. They're designed to last forever.

Q: What designs are most difficult?
A: I would say that every single one of them. The reason why is because its not only a design. It's also anatomy, it must look good in that spot. It's somebody history. As a tattooer we have a huge responsibility in our hands. You just can't fuck shit up.

Q: Being a tattoo artist must be fun. You meet lots of different people, enthusiasts anxious to get a tattoo, but don't know what they want, probably some freaks are also on this list? hahah How you "handle" those situations? hah
A: It' super fun among other things. We are dealing with different kind of people on a daily basis. We got shy people who needs a lot of questions answer and it's our job to provide that service, inform them because they don't know. We are the professionals. People that trust in us to do that tattoo, so it's also very challenging. That same people that might be going thru something hard on life and it could also be kind of sad or just the drunken clown who doesn't understand it can't get tattoo and becomes annoying. But if for some reason it becomes uncomfortable or out of hand it's better just to let it go. At the end is better for both parts, it's the responsible way to deal with them.

Q: Any favorite customers that told you some crazy life experiences, while tattooing?
I normally don't like to talk while tattooing. It gets me distracted but I used to work in New York City and heard a lot of crazy stories hahaha Some of them will sound unbelievable but will make you laugh and sometimes wonder hahahaha.

Q: How usually the making process goes? You draw a lot then using a sketchbook...?
A: I draw as much as possible. But most of the time people tell me what they want and I draw it. I think that helped me draw in different styles besides it keeps it challenging and interesting. But I do have a lot of my original drawings, flashes and other paintings I have done. If I'm not tattooing I want to be doing something tattoo related.

Q: Any style you think that you should be more advanced? What's the biggest challenge in this job?
A:A style to be more advance? Of course, in every single one of them. The day I stop pushing myself, the day I stop learning, that day I should stop tattooing. I want to get better and better. Not because I've been tattooing for 15 yrs. means I know everything. When you adopt that mentality is when you fail.

Q: Tell me more about the shop you're working at and how long does it takes to get an appointment?
A: Right now I'm base at Sink The Ink Tattoo in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. I'm also doing conventions with my good friend Shanghai Kate. We got this cool thing going on with the tattoo acetates. I've been tattooing with them and Kate has hers and Sailor Jerry's acetates too.

- Customers contact you via email too?
You could go to my website  for more info on the conventions and you could also inquire for an appointment using the contact page.

Q: Nowadays, there are lots of tattoo artists, since we get almost overwhelmed by the popular media, would you agree? What's your opinion about the reality Tv shows, the magazines in general? Would you say that those mediums are good for promotion?

Well yes, I think that there's more people tattooing nowadays and I do think that exposure is necessary so people can see your work. The problem with the T.V. shows is that there not about tattooing, it's more drama than anything. Well, that's just my opinion. I heard people saying that it brings more acceptance but at the same time it also brings a lot of people trying to make a quick buck. People who doesn't respect tattooing and give us a bad name. T.V's purpose is to entertain and it surely promote tattooing. Now, the question is , in what direction?

Q: Would you say that a bit of competition is a necessity, at least at times?
A: I compete with myself everyday striving to be better hahahahaha. But I don't compete with other tattooer because don't see this as race. I rather look at some of them as motivation.

Q: Any feature plans?
A: The future for me is tomorrow but keep growing and keep learning are always on my plans. I would like to more conventions if times allows me, even some overseas. But right now I wanna focus on today, how to be better than yesterday. I got some other plans on the back of my head but I rather focus in the near future and that's where mi mind and heart are set right now.

Q: You three motivational words for the beginners?
A: Yes, I do. As a matter of fact I have two: "Stay in school" never stop learning. " Honor the history" Honor those who was there before us. Learn more about Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, Bowery Stan, Jack Rudy, Zeke Owens, all this guys and gals still around and we owe them a lot. If it wasn't for them , there wouldn't be us so show some respect and appreciation. They rock.

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Angel Quiles , find him @ sink the ink
600 N. York Rd. Willow Grove PA 19090 / instagram @quilestattooer  /