"My Beautiful Tattooed Family" by Ani Kevranian |Review 31/07/2014

Hello Ani Kevranian! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. I'm really glad for having the chance to share some of my thoughts with you. Thanks for the opportunity. You recently came up with a tattoo book, which is not a quite usual book, since the book is not written by a tattoo artist with a bunch of photos as self-promotion.

"My Beautiful Tattooed Family" by Ani Kevranian

My beautiful tattooed family is a book about a child growing up, with a tattooed family. The child in the story is encouraged to appreciate art in all its forms, along with the history of tattooing. His loving, unique outlook on life is shared by his very cool family.

Q: First of all, how did you come up with the idea to write a book? Are you a writer?
A: I have always had a passion for writing, and art. I recently became a mother and felt the need to share a book with my child that was about not judging people by what they look like, the beauty of tattoos/art, and the importance of education no matter what you choose to do in life. So, one day it just came to me! I tried to find a book online about people with tattoos, to share with my kid, and I couldn't find one with the same basis that mine is about. So, I decide to put my passions together and publish my own book. Actually, what really pushed me into getting the book published was a trip I took to Disneyland. It had been over 10years since I had been to Disneyland, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the place was filled with 30 something year olds and up tattooed parents, it was so beautiful. I think Disney needs to come out with a tattooed animated movie about a family of tattooed people, I think it would be a hit! They should use my story and include the tattooing history of mummies, right???!!!

Q: As I said, finally something unusual. What's the basic goal of the book?
A: I want people with and without tattoos to share this book with their children. I think the content of my book is even interesting enough for adults to read to one another. In the end, I really do want to create an animated film about a tattooed family.

Q: Seems like nowadays, tattoos are getting more popular than they used to be... But somehow, even having so many great artists in the business and so much aftercare supplies, seems like there are still some taboos about this kind of art. Would you agree?
A: I totally agree. I think there is still generation amongst us that looks down on tattooing or relates it to "bad" people. But, on the other hand, it is getting more accepted and there is more of a market for it. I personally have older aunts and uncles who are just now getting tattoos, I love it!

Q: How much tattoos can express personality?
A: I don't believe in judging people at all, so I wouldn't be able to say.

Q: Kids... they are like a blank paper, as long as you don't get in their fantasy world... :) Would you say that tattooed parents could influence their personal style latter on?
A: Possibly, but it's so interesting how every child is so different, they totally are born with their own little, unique personalities. I think the biggest thing is just showing your kids love and empathy for all living things, and that's the biggest influence for them, your words and actions. I think my son loves mine and my husbands tattoos. He points at our tattoos and is always asking about what they are. We get him temporary tattoos and place them on him, then a minute later he wants to wash it off.

Q: Gotta say, lots of people will see this book with lots of prejudices.
A: I already took that into consideration. I have had people say to me that they would never show their child a book about tattooing. I'm not surprised, people are strangely closed minded and that will always be out there, unfortunately, but that was just another reason I felt the importance of putting this book out there.

- Would you say that this book is actually a friendly call for all the people out there who look skeptically/negative when it comes to tattoo art?
Totally. My day job is as an esthetician, and although I'd say 90% of the people I work with are tattooed also, my clients who are usually older, very wealthy and not tattooed, look at me differently when they notice my tattoos, and I'm not sure if they think it's immature, stupid, cool or brave, I can never tell.

- Btw: Are you a tattooed parent? :)
YES! I don't have many, but I plan on not stopping. I have about 5, and have about 5 more I'm working on in my head.

Q: Did you have full support from your family and friends, while working on this book?

A: Yes! I was pleasantly surprised. It was very scary to share the idea and then the final book with the people closest to me. Artists are always their own worst critics.

Q: Did you have any influences who inspired you to start working on this book?
A: My friends and family who are tattooed. The illustrations of family members in my book are based off of real people in my life. And my son, who from a very young age would stare at my husbands tattoos and try to scratch them off. Also, tattoo artists all around the world who were kids themselves and followed their passion.

Q: How much we people from this new-media time need this kind of books?
A: A lot, because I think people still judge one another and need to be reminded not to and that we are all human!

Q: Are you planning to write another book?
A: Yes! I want to write a book about the importance of skin care and sun protection, haha, my other passion. I also have many other ideas.

Q: What's your personal/emotional part in this project? Let's just say, this is not only a tattoo book, this is a social eye-opening experience.
A: I love all people and I try to never judge. Sometimes its hard because the media makes it hard to trust people from all walks of life. I wish we could all just listen to one another and learn of the cool experiences each individual has. We all have a story to tell. Plus, when I get tattooed it's relaxing, and when it's over I feel a burst of positive energy, it's my own personal thing and I shouldn't be judged for it in a negative way.

Q: Where we can buy this book? Please feel free to share some links.
A: www.createspace.com/4402009  ; www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Tattooed-Family-Ani-Kevranian/dp/1492713465

Or find me on my face book page, My Beautiful Tattooed Family

Q: What is the hardest part in writing a book? Is there a red line you can not across?
A: Everything was hard but so much fun! I wanted to add more, but since it was targeted more so for children my language had be able to be read and understood by a child as well as I wanted to make it interesting enough for an adult. I wanted to go more into detail about the process of tattooing, that was hard to write without saying it's painful!

Q: What kind of reactions you got after publishing the book?
A: Great ones! My friends that didn't know I was writing it thought it was such a great idea and one of kind.

- Was that a great motivational lesson?
Sure it was, follow your dreams and your passions and positive things will happen. I feel like I was more respected in my own community.

Q: Any tips for those people still encouraged to get their name out?
A: I don't know if this will make sense to anyone else but me but, Salvador Dali had said something like, "never fear perfection, you'll never reach it." It's my favorite quote and I think it's so beautiful. I take it as a positive thing.

Like, perfection does not exist, that's what makes everything so unique and beautiful. There will always be something you could have done better or should have done to make something better or "perfect", but you'll never know how to perfect anything each time until you just go for it the first time. Get up, stand up and do what makes you happy. And don't hate on other people who do!