tattoo Interview with Anna Idza | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 20/12/2010  

At the very beginning tell us in a few words: What is creativity for you?
THANKS! For me is something that comes very spontaneous. Something that begins inside of you and goes around without barriers.

Q: How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
A: I was 16.

Q: How many tattoos do you have now?
A: I have 12 and they are about my passion for eyes, I have several tattoos of eyes on my body.

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist? How long have you been tattooing?
A: I was seeking the ideal of live in my art. For about 5 years till now.

Q: How has your work developed over the years?
A: At the beginning I was interested in color combinations with high contrasts. My fascination for realistic tattoos came after.

Q: You're very talented and creative person. What is your biggest inspiration?
A: My biggest influence is a great Brazilian painter called Celso Mathias.


Q: Seem like all of your tattoo creations are custom made. Which is the strangest request you have ever had for a tattoo?
A: That was a heart written Carpe Diem at a man's ass and he was wearing a thong.

Q: Are you always supportive to the client's idea?
A: I do my best to understand the client's demands and needs, to be very patient, and I think that's why they always come back and bring more clients.

Q: Painting is your second passion. What is more fun for you and where do you find more creative freedom?
A: I like to use color pencils, without any responsibilities and doubts.

Q: So many customers, drawings ... in your life, what keeps you "permanently" creative?
A: Living with different ideas and conceptions.

Q: What are the most interesting experiences with the customers?
A: When a customer asked me to cover all his seven tattoos just to they being made by me.

Q: What is most challenging part in tattooing? What reaction from the clients makes you happy?
A: To understand the needs of the client in the best way I can. Happiest... When I see my work contributing to the real happiness.

Q: Do you get caught up emotionally when you tattoo/paint or you keep that separate?
A: All of my art is filled with emotions and some part of me is actually going with the clients, this makes me very happy. That's one of the best parts in tattooing.


Q: Your other interest outside painting and tattooing is music. Can you connect your music with your tattoo work?
A: I need a good music to work better, but unfortunately is very hard to live from music in my country. Tattooing is the best for me because its all about my performance, to make good music you need more than one person.

Q: When did you get interested in music?
A: I started to play when I was 12 years old.

Q: Do you write your songs? What would you call your music genre?
A: Usually yes, I don't like to put labels. I like classic and progressive rock, blues and popular Brazilian music, my music is a reflex of this mix.

Q: Any favorite musicians?
A: Led Zeppelin, Oceansize, Porcupine tree, King crimson, The Beatles...etc in art, Celso Mathias, Salvador Dali, Jim Warren, Aphonso Mucha..etc

Q: What's the best and worst part of being a full time, working artist?
A: The best of all is the realization of your dream, the worst is the prejudgments from people who don't understand the work, they usually think that is not a honorable work.

Q: What are your feature plans? Things that you would like to do and have not done yet? Please share your contact info.
A: I pretend to develop my art even more and travel to discover other cultures.

Thanks for the interview Iva.