Interview with tattoo artist Bara

  Hello Bara! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Please start by telling us something about yourself and how did you get into tattooing? I've been collecting tattoos from worldwide Tattooists prior to becoming a tattoo artist. Then I met Mark Bester, who inspired me a lot. I'm now dedicated to tattoo since the moment I tried.

- Was it always something you wanted to try or?
No, I don't think so. I've always seen tattooing as very hard job, and honestly is the most challenging job I ever done.

Q: Starting out as a beginner in any profession is difficult. What was the most challenging part of becoming a tattoo artist?
A: I would say a lot of sacrifice. The tattoo industry takes so much from you and from your life. You have to let things go and set what you want to achieve is decisive.

Q: What types of designs you use to do in the early days?
A: I was mainly drawing Traditional tattoos and putting myself into black and grey realism studies.

Q: Would you re-do some of those beginner tattoos? Or they are a simple reminder of you humble starts?
A: Revisiting an old design is always good, because you can compare where you were and where you are now, so my answer is yes.

Q: How long took you to figure out your direction? Why neo traditional style?
A: My fascination with traditional style has had a big impact on the concept of the shapes I like to design. During my apprenticeship I did a lot of pencil realism drawings, which have influenced my way towards neo traditional style.

Q: To me, neo traditional is like an upgrade of the good old school tattoo style. It's funnier, more colourful and definitely more rewarding from a creative point of view. I guess, your clients give you the trust to design their tattoo, and means completely. You are very talented.
A: The trust that every customer gives surprise me everyday. Extremely respectful, it's all about which values you choose.

Q: How long does it takes to finish a design? Do you allow your clients to bring some reference images? I'm asking this because every piece seems to be completely unique, which is very cool.
A: I mainly use customer ideas and ask them some real references, avoiding tattoos from other artists. That allow me to understand what they have in mind and make my own research. 80% of the tattoos I've done had a previous consultation in person, where I usually sketch out the basic concept and the directions we want to have.

Q: Are there any artists you look up to even if it's not a neo traditional artist?
A: The list of talented artists is infinite, but I do not look someone in particular when I have to create a tattoo. Artistically speaking I admire many tattoo artists and their approach Inspires me. If I have to mention some, Biserov, Samohin, Bobby Johnson, Sneaky Mitch and Victor Chill for example.

Q: Talking about artists and inspiration, I really like the tattoo you did with tell me more about this collaboration. Who's idea was the tattoo design? Looks awesome! Bravo for both!
A: Thank you! We are really good friends. It was easy to figure out what we wanted to represent and the story that we wanted to tell with the tattoo. We both have clear intentions and we want to do powerful tattoos.

Q: Staying, humble, dedicated and always curious is crucial if one wants to learn and progress in this job. Do you plan to do more collaborations with him or other artists in the feature?
A: Yes for sure. Malin and I are working on new projects, you'll see something very soon. Soon I'll do a collaboration with my friend Tom Farrow, which is gonna be very cool as well. I really enjoy collaborations, it lets you share and understand another artist approach on a 360° perspective.

Q: Would you stick to neo traditional style or you might surprise us with something different soon?
A: I don't think I will ever change style man. I love neo traditional so much. I have certain ideas of where I want to push it. It's only about time and patience to deal with it.

Q: I love the tattoo prints and the t-shirts. I would love to see more designs in that style for sure. Please write down where we can buy some.
A: Thank you! I'm working on some new prints, they will be soon on my big cartel:

Q: Do you have anything you would like to promote?

Q: You're a busy man, I honestly think you're loving this lifestyle. Clients see your enthusiasm too, well that's why we like you. How long clients usually wait for an appointment, and how do you navigate the busy schedule?
A: My waiting list is usually about 2/3 months, I try not to over book more then that. I prefer to have a short schedule, so I can work on large scale projects and plan my travels easily. I'm working at Six Bullets in London. The best way to make an appointment is via email:

Q: Guest spots, travels? Oh well, tell me about it. Where is the best to visit and work as a tattoo artist? Not just as a guest artist and a traveler, but also work environment friendly?
A: I really like Sticks and Stones in Berlin. Brian is an amazing artist and the guys working at the shop are super cool. Good place to work and get tattoos, very chill vibes in there.

Q: Bara, what would you suggest to my young audience who will read this interview and want to try their luck in this business?
A: That's a big one. The industry is crazy and is constantly changing. Having clear intentions is the key. The journey has many ups and downs, you have to find happiness in your journey and afterward accept it, because is hard to find happiness in your work. Make sure to make it and have fun, that's the best reason to do anything.