tattoo Interview with Bertytattoo by Iva Kancheska 12/10/2009  

Q: How did you start tattooing?
A: When I first met with tattoos, I said this is my business- to leave immortal traces on the people...

Q: Where did you learn how to tattoo?
A: Learned with my left arm :) in the Vicinity then I did my work.

Q: Why a tattoo artist? 
A: Always had to draw my attention, but people did not look too hot to forging a new style. It took some time.


Q: I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that your profession is definitely an unconventional one. Initially, were your parents apprehensive about your choice of work? Did they ever try and dissuade you?
A: My parents respect and support this beautiful thing.

Q: Your work is stunning. What you prefer to tattoo color tats or black & gray?
A: I like black and gray style, but I also do color work. As we are a warm climate and, geography as they are a large number of people who like the sun-colored tattoos can not be recommended...

Q: What are the most popular tattoos around?
A: All styles are beautiful, but I'm getting more pleasure from work and truly free style and black and white ones.


Q: I saw your drawings. They look amazing. Do you think is necessary to be a good drawer to be able to tattoo?
A: Without necessarily drawing, you can develop your own interests and your name to copycat .. That varies according to purpose, creativity and drawing ability are a good artist should be at .. But if you copy and paste the tattoo ...:-)

Q: What your tattoos usually speaks about?
A: I get good comments about my tattoos but sometimes I get some critics also .. but its quite normal.

Q: Nowadays we can see a lot of new tattoo styles, do you think that the older styles may lose their significance in time?
A: Yes a lot of new styles are available, but it will not adversely affect the old style, even to the development will help.


Q: What sets you apart from other artists?
A: I think it very difficult to answer .. There is definitely our different directions... People should answer about this.

Q: What is the opinion about tattoos in Antalya now? Are there any taboos?
A: Tourism city and I think a lot of tattoos were used to seeing people there .. Taboo as each other very much but do not mix ..

Q: You re traveling all over the world and meet many tat artists. Are there any artists you'd like to work with?
A: Master of the tattoo world : Robert Hernandez.

Q: What are your feature plans? Please share your work info.
A: Bright future... My website is