Interview with Bruno Marx

   Hello Bruno Marx! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview, it really means a lot having you here. Please start by telling us something about yourself and your background. Were you one of those artistic kids who liked to draw their superheroes? Do you have any formal art training? My name is Bruno Marx, I've been a tattoo artist for 18 years, and I enjoy painting oil on canvas. Definitely! I started very young, that kid who skipped class to draw, but not superheroes – horror monsters!

Q: What type of art do you like the most? Any favorite artists?
A: I specialize in horror/fantasy realism, influenced by filmmakers like Sean S. Cunningham, Wes Craven, and artists like Salvador Dali, Boris Vallejo, and Julie Bell.

Q: What got you into tattooing? How it all started?
A: I began body piercing at 15, and at 17, I met a tattoo artist from another city. While working with him, he saw my drawings, asked if I wanted to tattoo, and after my first tattoo, he said it was better than his early work. That inspired me to pursue tattooing.

Q: Honestly, was it hard to learn the basics? I believe even the super talented have some hard time in the beginning trying to figure out the technical parts and their creative direction, such as their own style.
A: It was challenging back then with limited internet information and no courses. Materials were hard to access, and I even had to solder needles.

Q: How long it took you to start feeling confident and maintain a regular clientele?
A: I started gaining recognition around 5 years into tattooing.

Q: I like every tattoo in your portfolio. The portraits are probably my favorite, but what I like the most is the details, the colors and that hyper realistic look... I think doing this style takes a lot of time and sometimes it can be a little tricky to do certain designs simply because this style has no "mercy" for any minor mistake and clients expect perfection. Am I right?
A: Realism is feared due to the high chance of error; any misplaced point can be crucial. Clients expect it to be 101% identical to the photo.

Q: What are the most challenging parts to work on while doing a hyper realistic tattoo, portraits for example?
A: Flabby body parts like ribs and belly are more challenging.

Q: But it's also really rewarding seeing a finished piece, especially big tattoos such as sleeves, back tattoos etc. What type of reaction from your clients do you like the most?
A: The best reaction is speechless; the client's face says it all.

- The longest session? How did you cheer up your client?
My longest session was 36 hours – a unique experience. Normally, I do 6 to 8-hour sessions, and each time the client sees progress, it motivates them to finish.

Q: Some people will see a tattoo they like either on a celebrity or in a tattoo magazine and they want the same tattoo on themselves. They come into your studio and... What would be your advice? Would you tattoo them or will you suggest some changes and give them a unique tattoo?
A: It happens frequently; I guide and gather information, always aiming to surpass expectations based on the client's reference.

Q: What are the most interesting experiences with the clients? Any funny, memorable stories?
A: Many stories, one memorable tattoo was a surreal drawing from a girl's school days – an eye shedding tears that turned into sperm. I recreated it exactly, and she loved it.

Q: What do you like the most about being a tattoo artist? What do you cherish the most? Let's not forget, people give you the trust to "mark" them for life, every day.
A: Being able to show how you see the world and participate in incredible stories.

Q: Artists are constantly trying to improve, when you have the talent and the will... Progress is guaranteed. Is there any favorite tattoo you did that almost feels like "next level" creatively and even technically?
A: Definitely! The Freddy Krueger tattoo took 3 days with lots of texture, elevating my skills.

Q: Where are you located? Please write your email and social media links. Also let us know if you are available for bookings.
A: Currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Contact:
WhatsApp: Instagram:

Q: You are a traveling artist and I bet working in different countries gives you the opportunity to learn not only about the place and the culture but also about the tattoo scene there. So far, do you have any favorite place you want to visit again?
A: The United States.

Q: How is the tattoo scene in Brazil? I know you guys are foosball Gods, but it's not like talent for arts is lacking.
A: The tattoo scene in Brazil grew in the wrong way; unfortunately, there's a lack of regulations for positive growth.

Q: What about the global tattoo scene, do you think we as a tattoo industry are heading in a good direction?
A: The global tattoo scene grew, thanks to your work, spreading information and promoting the art.

Q: Your plans for the near future?
A: Moving to a country where art is more valued!

Q: In a few words, what would you tell to any young, aspiring artist who will read our interview and want to try getting into professional tattooing?
A: Always keep studying! In any profession, continuous learning is essential.