tattoo | interview with Dalton Slaughter by iva kancheska 12/04/2014 

Hello Dalton Slaughter! Thanks so much for the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. Please start by telling us something about yourself and how you got into art?

Q: Would you say that art is your first love? What kind of art interested you in the beginning?
A: Yes, I would consider art to be first love, I took after my father who was a painter. To be honest my first interest was in old school & new school styled tattoos.

Q: Who is the person you are most grateful when it comes inspiration? Any influences?
A: I'm most grateful to Carlos Torres & Domantas Parvainis. They've both inspired me with their black & grey work. I especially like Carlos Torres because he pays close attention to detail, & he specializes renaissance style pieces.

Q: Being a tattoo artist is not an easy job, it requires creativity and technical/skill development. What was the hardest part in becoming a tattoo artist?
A: The hardest part of becoming a tattoo artist is staying focused. When your just starting out you constantly have to be drawing, observing other tattoo artists, learning the steps to tattoo." You must have determination to grow as an artist. When your apprenticing it isn't a paid job. You really have to love the art of tattoo to be in this profession.


Q: You do lots of tattoo styles. Do you have any favorite?
A: I specialize in realistic black & grey, picture reproductions, portraits.

Q: You also enjoy drawing. How much the drawing skills play a big role in developing a tattoo style and getting your skills on a next level?
A: It does take a big role, when developing a tattoo style you have to continuously be drawing to keep up & advance the skill level of your tattoos.

- Do you do a custom piece for every client?
Sometimes I do custom pieces but if the customer already has an exact idea in mind I'll keep to their concept.

Q: I saw you're very active on instagram and social media, do you have any interesting experiences with the customers?
A: All my customers contact me via Facebook & instagram. I think social media is a very helpful with my own promotion. A customer will contact me & from there i will set up a consultation with them @ the shop.


- Any great stories that made you think about life, since we all know that customers can be very open with their artist and share their stories while tattooing?
I tattoo'd a client once, their father had just passed away. During the session they expressed to me how grateful they were to me for doing the tattoo. It made me feel like I had gave them some relief in all of their grief. When the tattoo was done the customer was very satisfied & looked exceptionally happy for someone who had just lost someone very special to them.

Q: Where are you now based? Tell me more about the shop you're working at.
A: I'm originally from France but now I'm based in Montreal ( for 8 years now) Its a new shop, with 8 artists all with their own individual styles.

Q: I guess, the greatest challenge for every artist is to become better and better. What is yours?
A: I'm not looking to be the best tattoo artist in the world. I am who I am: Dalton Slaughter... I want to do my style, continue to travel on my Harley Davidson & have a good clientele.

Q: Imagine, if there's no tattooing anymore, what profession would you choose? Something artistic again? heh
A: If I had to choose another occupation I would want to work in carpentry preferably in the forest. I love to be surrounded by nature.

Q: Any special thoughts after all those years of experience? Did you regret something, like not having so much free time for daily usual activities?
A: Being a tattoo artist can be time consuming but its also very flexible. I can choose when my appointments are booked & plan my activities in my time off.

Q: Do you have any other jobs/hobbies outside tattooing that helps you to get inspired, cheer you up about some new art project maybe, or even just to get relax?
A: My only job is being a tattoo artist but I do Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in my spare time.

Q: Not just an art progress, but any other kind of progress requires motivation, what is your best motivational lesson for the beginners?
A: My best motivational lesson for beginners would be to work hard & to stay focused. This is not a business for slackers.

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