interview with Esther-Unicorn tattoo by iva kancheska 16/10/2014

Hello Esther! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. Let's start with some basic info.

Q: How old were you when you first got interested in art? What kind of art interested you?
A: I was very little, I used to go to kindergarten when I did my first princess drawings for my classmates :D
That time mostly pencil drawings were the top of the iceberg. But truly a bit later on graphite drawings, black and gray stuff, I always loved fantasy! People often says I am out of this world.:)

Q: Did you draw a lot since the beginning of your tattoo journey?
A: A lot and even more, creating my own designs, whatever is on my mind I put it on paper. Also in the future I'd like to start doing oil paintings.

Q: How much the drawing skills are important in tattooing?
A: It is the basic of all of it. I think without it would be hard to start, if you have imagination and you know how to draw it..although still need to widen your view and learn a lot about drawing, painting, different artworks and techniques, different cultures. Wherever I go and see something beautiful thing I have to take a photo! It can be something simple like a Halloween costume (that I saw today and couldn't miss to capture a photo of it!) or a baroque church and its details that I could use for a future tattoo design.


Q: You tattoo many styles, do you have any favorite?
A: I love doing trash tattoos, black and gray works and I always find sg new that interests me, I love colors and to put them together, to me put it on the skin means the future of paintings. At the moment horror tattoos took my attention, every single design has some interesting detail, but most of my works based on realism.

Q: Would you connect your tattoo designs a bit with your personality?
A:Maybe, but rather with my mood :) Of course there is a connection between, my style shows on each of my work , so it's like putting myself in a little bit.

- How much tattooing could be an expressive profession?
It is never enough and you can never stop learning there's always will be something new that you have to try and make it yours. The most important thing is to be always opened for anything new and keep step with the actual appearing trends, styles. What keeps you motivated and want to learn more.

Q: Where are you located now? Please share some basic info about your shop.
A: My shop name is Unicorn Tattoo, a small shop waiting for all the tattoo addicts and tattoo lovers.
It is located on the South-West UK near to London in a smaller town called Ashford in Middlesex.

Q: How long does it takes to get an appointment?
A: Booking for big works 2 weeks in advance but I also do walk ins. My customers can contact me on facebook either on phone or in person at the shop. First of all, I prefer to have a personal conversation to swap with each other the most important information and to give my customers confidence and trust to make them feel sure They are in the right place.

Q: I can only imagine a busy day of a tattoo artist, all the time with different type of people, with lots of ideas, sometimes little time to do all designs etc... Are you always supportive to your client's idea or there are some negotiations in a while? hah
A: Always supportive but I always do my best to find the best design for my clients what suits their personality. Sometimes it takes time but mostly it goes quick I can already see what They want. I do individual designs after my customer's request with my imagination. Anyway nothing to start putting on the skin until the customer is 100% happy and They all were impressed with my designs and my works so far.

- How do you handle the busy schedule? How do you motivate yourself when the inspiration is down?
Keep going with a cup of coffee :D Apart from the joke I need to have a rest and start with a clean head next day and the ideas will come.

Q: Your drawings are really great, I saw some of them as a tattoo on your clients. Do you draw custom pieces for each client?
A: Mostly I do they like having an individual piece that no one else has. But if someone sticks to a design they seen on the internet I still do it with a little changes adding my style, my imagination to it;) What is very important to me I'd like to share with you, my individual designs are used only once for that one and only client.

Q: Artists are constantly working on their style in order to progress, have you ever thought to change something in your style, or maybe start working on something completely different?
A: I do always try different things but I think no one can really change style of their work, it is like changing personality, with years of experience you can work on it to become better and better.

Q: Your biggest challenge?
A: I take every single work as a challenge from small to big, because every client is different and it is really the best moment when I finish with a piece to see Them happily leaving and returning to me for an other tattoo.

Q: Your motivational little speech for the beginners?
A: Always find something that keeps you motivated, if there is a challenge take it and face it! Never be impressed with your work, coz this is what will keep you going forward!

Please share your contact info/website.
Thanks for the interview Iva!
You can find me on
contact me on the following e-mail:  ; mobile: +447517266847
and follow on instagram: @unicornbloodink