Blade or die | interview with fredrik andersson | Razors | 19/01/2015

Hello Fredrik Andersson! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. To be honest, It's first time for me to do an interview with a pro rollerblader. Let's start with some basic info about you.

Q: Since when the passion for rollerblading started? Do you remember your first trick?
A: My passion for blading or extreme sports have been with me since day one I think, I owned a skateboard as a young kid and skated around my hood, my board actually had a rad topless chick on it just for the record. My real crush for blading started one day when my dad showed me the local skate park we have at the moment. Total love at first sight. My first trick must have been a frontside I believe.

I'll never forget trying a bs grind in the half pipe and missed, landed outside the ramp on my head and cracked my helmet. Could have been the first and last for me, but it wasn't hahaha!!! Thank you life.

Q: I bet it's a lot harder (than it looks on the videos) to understand the basic skills of rollerblading. I mean, it looks so smooth and easy... But... How much time took you to learn the basic skills?
A: Indeed it takes time to learn the basics and have most tricks on lock but it's all fun along the way. And it's an endless mission to have all the tricks there way you want. I have always tried to make my blaing look good and smooth which can be a curse but at the end it's what you want and I think is fun. If you do something you feel is good it's most of time right on point! You are your own master.

- Did you have someone around you to teach you? If so, what was it like?
Yea I was lucky to have Igor Jovanovic with me from the start. He was the first person I saw blading live and because of him I can skate the way I do today. We have grown together in blading and become very close fiends. He still rips like never before and is a huge inspiration for me and a lot of other dudes.

Q: It surely takes lots of courage to beat your own fear, especially in the beginning... How do you build mentally and physically towards something that is so dangerous, even now, when you try to progress even more?
A: You can't really think like that if you wanna do something crazy. You have the trick in your mind and have already picture how it will look. So it's all up to believing in yourself and 100% of commitment once you jump on a trick.

Q: Seems like every now and then there is some battle between the punk skaters and you guys, like that's cooler or this is harder shit. haha I like it anyway... But I bet both stuffs are totally different! Being a pro rollerblader, what are some of the differences that you will immediately point out here?
A: There is no different really, you live and you learn. Once you really get into blading and know what it is you will understand what is and not. But I think it's healthy to have a little bit of a battle thought to make you push yourself further then you have before.

Q: As a pro rollerblader, you've got lots of chances to travel and meet wonderful people on the road. What are some of the most amazing places you've been? Do you have any favorite?
A: South America was a real eye opening for me. So far away from Sweden yet the nicest people. Carlos Lora made us feel like we belong. We got the opportunity to visit the mountain village Matchu Pitchu which is hands down the coolest place on earth. There is so much energy stored at that mountain. We had to make a 6 hour car ride thru the Andes mountain and then walk about 3 hours in pitch black rainy weather, all we had as map was a train track to follow. Once again the most amazing thing I have done thru my years of traveling.

Q: How much the current place helps you to get inspired? Let's just not forget the fact that street riding is much more creative than riding in the skate park?
A: Not sure if I totally agree with you on that. Sure you have less spots in the park then on the streets but, still that makes you use the park in so many ways. Once you have been riding in the skate park for long you see it from another view and get more "creative" in your mind of blading and using it.

Q: Every time I watch rollerblade videos I get frisky, there's always something cool coming out of the camera and you guys are always funny. What's the funniest thing that happened during filming some vids? Any crappy incidents with the police or old people? (Those are my favorite) haha
A: There are always amazing stories. Police is most of the time being real dicks about people being out having fun and doing what they love, that's their job. (Not a big fan of the" government"). If I see a police approaching me when I'm on skates, I just leave, less time with them the better haha

Q: When it comes to skate parks, I guess every single kid who wants to become rollerblader, wants to have a nice skate park in their neighbor. How's the inline scene in your country? Do you guys have some cool skate parks? Tell me more about it.
A: Waow, I love this question. I actually have a super rad dad who started a skate park 11 years ago and have been working with it since that day, and at the same time he is a full time kindergarten teacher. So I have always loved riding in the parks. Skate park is a perfect place to meet friends and hang out. A lot of people come thru just because of the amazing energy and positive people hanging there. We have a really good scene of bladers in my city but that's because of my amazing dad! Thank you!!

Q: As an adrenaline "junkie" what's the hardest trick that you have accomplished so far? Or a trick that you look up to?
A: Staying positive and keeping blading exciting.

Q: Any favorite spots in your area?
A: My favorite spot is my skatepark Zero One Six, I have all my homies there. They are welcome ;)

Q: We've been lucky enough to see ya around in some magazines, how much those things like promotion, getting sponsored, etc helped you in your professional career?
A: Getting interviews is always fun hahaha

Q: Sometimes, some riders get into the world of pro extreme sports, just because they are rich, they are from LA, NY, they have connections, and then whooo la la.. we will watch their asses on X-Games! I bet there are lots of random, anonymous dudes that are even better, but... nothing seem to be by accident ha?

- Just to resolve the mystery... What does it takes to get into the field, to get all the shit up and live up your dreams as a pro? What's the procedure?
A: Live your life as you want and always have fun. If you're struggling being yourself you will stand still. I have always had fun and I feel like that's the mystery solver for everything. Oh and thc for sure hahha

Q: You was one of those kids sending "Sponsor Me" Videos or? hah Would it help nowadays?
A: I did my first edit with Igor for fun not for any sponsors. I early got picked by the conference and rode with them for almost ten years.

Q: Razors are probably the best designed skates, ever! You're lucky to be part of their team, tell me more about the collaboration.
A: Awesome skates for sure! A lot of my friends are riding Razors and like I said earlier, I had been with another brand for a long time so a change was a little bit of just "whatever, why not haha" Razors happily invited me in and it's been really good riding for them. Thanks for that by the way!! Haha

Q: Do you feel sometimes a big pressure to fulfill their expectations as sponsors or you just follow your own passion and try your best?
A: There has been times when you build up pressure and really want almost to much. Once again it comes down to having fun on your blades, if don't have fun then what's the point? Sponsors mostly already know what people they are taking on, and why sponsor someone if you wanna change them? Then you lose the whole point of being yourself.

Q: Who are some of the best mates that inspire you? Or simply a good company to shoot another vid with bunch of beers?
A: Dem G's!!! Wouldn't be able to do anything without them when it comes to grouping up and getting stuff done in the most amazing way ever!

Q: Despite the hot Razor blades and the crazy blonde dreads, there are some tattoos on your body too. Tell me more about your tattoo collection.
A: Yea dem fire skates are still on my feet but I recently cut the loocks off. It was another step in life. My tattoo collection is maybe the most random but yea I like it hahah

I have some signs here and there, I inked a little blade on my foot with the laced saying "blade or die". And just recently made "forever young" over my knees just as a little reminder hahah. I have a lot of friends that started tattooing so to get one done once a week have happened.

Q: After all those years of crazy blading, do you have any plans for the near feature? What's the next challenge?
A: Keep going around the world getting inked and skate crazy spots! There are countries on the list that need to be visited.

Q: Any motivational tips for the new kids?
A: Have fun! Never let anyone tell you to not have fun and do whatever the fuck you want, it's your life no one else will ever live it.

Thanks so much for the interview,
It really means a lot, enjoy every second on the wheels man and keep doin' what ya do the best-Rolerblading!


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