Interview with Frenko Ghost

   Hello Frenko Ghost! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. It's so nice to have you here. Please start by telling us something about yourself and your background. Hello My name is Frenko_ghost_tattoos (Grant Gashi) I've always wanted to be a tattoo artist since I was 12 years old, I've always loved painting and drawing because I love art, what's behind it, it's just unique. That's why I decided to do an apprenticeship as a painter and oil painter because of the color mixtures and the structure of painting because I knew that would help me a lot in my career as a tattoo artist.

Q: How did you discover your talent for arts? What got you interested?
A: I have always loved drawing since I was a child and Rembandt and DaVinci were always my favorites. That’s why I decided to start with art.

Q: When did you do your first tattoo and what it was? Do you remember the feeling of tattooing for the first time?
A: I did my first tattoo when I was 16, the motive was a cross. Then I felt that this was going to be my life.

Q: I bet your friends and family were super supportive and some of them gave you the trust while you were a beginner?
A: My circle of friends made themselves available without hesitation! They were super supportive!

- What kinds of tattoos you used to do back then?
All kinds of tattoos! American Tradition, horror, fineline,…

Q: How long took you to figure out your creative direction?
A: After a very short time! After about 5 months.

Q: You lean more towards tattoo realism but there is a unique twist in each tattoo. How would you call your style?
A: I would say realism and surrealism.

Q: How far you are willing to negotiate with your clients while maintaining your own style and ideas?
A: Of course I'm willing to negotiate when it comes to the style of the tattoo! The customer has to like it too.

Q: Would you rather continue working in this style or you are willing to explore other styles as well?
A: I would like to stay in this style, but would like to combine it with other styles and continually expand it.

Q: Now tell me a little bit about the creative process. Since all are unique designs, I bet you draw before the session? Are you "old school" pen and paper or do you use pentablet or Photoshop etc?
A: I really like using both variants. I like to draw with pencil and paper, but also on the tablet. Whatever suits the moment better.

Q: I like the fact that you do both color and black and gray tattooing. Any preference?
A: I think I prefer doing color. In my opinion, you can create more beautiful contrasts and details with color tattoos. But I also really enjoy doing black and gray!

Q: Which technique is more challenging color or black and gray?
A: Of course it‘s color, especially because you have to pay a lot of attention to the skin type and the contrasts.

Q: Some tattoos take extra time to finish. Many long sessions and I bet a brave client? Ah! How do you handle those long sessions, do you cheer up each other?
A: Long sessions are no problem for me, but it depends on the pain scale of the client. If its too painful and the skin is too sensitive we have to do a second session.

Q: What in your opinion makes one a good artist from ethical point of view?
A: For me it is important to respond to the customer and their individual needs and to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the studio. This is the only way the customer feels comfortable before and during the tattooing and takes a nice experience home with them. In addition to the tattoo.

Q: You meet all kinds of people every day, what are some of the funniest, most memorable experiences with the clients?
A: Oh yes, back then someone wanted to have his girlfriend's name tattooed, but got the name wrong. Depending on your point of view, it was very funny

Q: You are "marking" them for life, giving you the trust to do it, it's something to be taken seriously. Honestly, how much this means to you?
A: For me it is a unique feeling to "decorate" someone's skin. This feeling is indescribable.

Q: Unlike any other profession, tattooing (especially nowadays) will give you so many opportunities. Tattoo conventions, seminars, guest spots local and international, many clients, many friends, many stories a whole collection of experiences that... Are simply special. What do you like the most about being a tattoo artist?
A: The close contact with the customer, the creativity that I can develop every day and the fact that I can improve a little every day with every new customer. Of course, the artistic aspect also plays a big role for me.

Q: I think it's easier to get into tattooing today. There is so much info out there... Online courses, magazines, seminars even some good YouTube channels with educational videos. I think most are good sources... However, sometimes the lines between quality and fake publicity and zero talent can blurred... I guess we should blame social media for this... What is your opinion?
A: That is difficult to say. Many self-proclaimed tattoo artists teach themselves this way. There are exceptional talents and people who think they are exceptional talents, as mean as that sounds.

Q: Where are you located? Please write down your contacts, social media links and studio address.
A: I am located at Zum Beichtstuhl Tattoo in Detmold, Hornsche Str. 146

- Are you available for bookings?
Yes I am always open for bookings. They can direct message me on Facebook or Instagram!

Q: Do you travel for work, like guest spots etc?
A: I was a guest in Hungary, Austria, Stockholm and Germany. Soon I'll be at the tattoo convention in Albania. I didn't attend any seminars, but I was able to gain a lot of experience at the guest spots.

Q: Tell me more about the Frenko Ghost tattoo seminar!
A: The seminars have only just begun, things have to really develop. But I get a lot of requests!

Q: What are some of the brands you work with?
A: My sponsors are Mommy Tattoo Machines, Biotatum Pro, jconly supplies, inksafe supply, OT supply, Croc Art and Tattoobedarf Löffler.
I'm using Dynamic, Eternal and I Am Ink Ink.

Q: Three favorite career highlights?
A: For me it's being friends with Army James and being able to tattoo a lot of bands. I am a role model for many, and that makes me very proud!

Q: Any advice for those who want to try getting into professional tattooing?
A: Keep going, believe in your process. Keep going to draw every day and find a good mentor who pushes you in the right direction!