tattoo |   interview with Gatis Brunins by iva kancheska 24/11/2014 

Hello Gatis Brunins! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. To be honest, you're the only artist I find as most creative, really... The first time when I saw your tattoo artworks, I was immediately blown-away, I smiled like a kid, your art took me to my sweetest childhood times. But in the other hand, Gosh, there are some crazy, (I will call them) sexy tattoos as well haha I don't know how would you describe your colorful style, but let's start with some basic info about you getting into the world of tattooing...

Q: What made you to become a tattoo artist? Is there any special reason?
A: I was always passionate about any kind of art and tattooing started to me like a unusual self expression.

Q: How did you learn the basic skills of tattooing, did you apprentice?
A: Well I started this all in hardcore way. Self learned with self build tattoo machine. At this time I was living in Latvia and didn't have many options! I tried to get as possible more information from tattoo magazines and all medical stuff I studied out in library from books. After some time some of my friend took me to some tattoo studio where he was getting tattoo done. And than I realized that I wanna go further and learn more and more. Word by word with owner of tattoo studio and I was allowed to come over to studio to only watch how he is working! And after a while I started my apprenticeship.

Q: You have a very unique ideas, seems like all of your tattoo works are product of a current inspiration. I can only imagine how hard is to be creative on every-day basis. How do you get inspired? Do you have any special techniques?
A: I was always trying to see something out of nothing, he he. Inspiration or some idea could come out from everywhere. But the biggest idea giver is my son, just his way of life or emotions make me create something!

Q: Seeing some of your tattoos made me laugh. The cartoon style is something that define you as an artist. Since when the fascination for the cartoon designs first began?
A: I think I still wanna stay like a kid just trying to not grow up. All my life, I loved and still loving to watch some cartoons, animated movies and read some comics. I love to sit down with my son and watch some easy going cartoon, just relax the mind from everyday situations.

Q: Do you have any favorite cartoon? If so, who and why?
A: I think is to many of them, but still I like old school cartoons, movies. Mostly everything from Disney and Tim Burton makes me smile and create something.

Q: I guess your clients are very funny people, what was the most bizarre tattoo request ever? Can you tell me about some crazy stories with the clients? hah
A: I guess each of us have some crazy happy inside, we just need to let it out or just simply enjoy it. More or less my clients are just ordinary people just with one kick! They are not afraid to be different and get a tattoo witch for someone could be not acceptable or out of moral ethics. Mostly my clients are happy and proud to show their tattoos to public. When it comes out with this sex theme tattoos than I usually try to not ask background for these ideas! I just try to make them funny and good looking! Lots of times some people just come over to studio and don't know what they want, than I offer 2 options! One is they are looking through my BIG SKETCH book and find some sketch witch is perfect for them. Or second option is when someone come over don't know what they want and says to me: make me something beautiful! Then, I usually offer them to make a toaster!!!! Sometimes they say that I'm crazy, but mostly they make a toaster or some similar of my ideas.

Q: Have you ever changed someone's mind about a certain design or a placement?
A: YES and one more time YES. By the nature I'm really quiet person, but this industry made me come out and speak more! I think everything is possible and just need to discuss everything for the current project. Just need to learn more about each person, in case to create individual cool motive! And as you learn more, sometimes you understand that this idea is not useful or could work out in completely different way for this current person.



Q: How do do you cope your basic ideas with the final one, do you first draw a bunch of sketches and then tattoo?
A: Well usually I try to make couple of sketches before I start tattooing, but sometimes when you make to many of sketches for one project, then is too complicated because I usually wanna tattoo all of them.

Q: Lots of crazy, sexy tattoos as well, how usually people react when they see some of your artworks? haha
A: Usually they smile or pretty loud laugh, but sometimes they say quietly perverse and run away! It is pretty cool to look on people reactions, but best one is smile with them together.

Q: You're also a good drawer. Have you thought about publishing a book (sketchbook) or even a strip art with your crazy designs? That would be awesome, seriously!
A: Yes I got an idea to make a book one day, but the point is that, all the sketches I do one time, I make a tattoo of them too. So if I will make a book with tattooed sketches that won't be fair to my clients, because someone might copy them!! Or I just will make sketches for a book witch I will not tattoo to someone!! But yes I wanna make a book.

Q: Located in Lindau, Germany, tell me more about your studio.
A: Lindau Insel by it self is really good looking place. The Insel is located on the side of lake. On the other side of lake you can see Austria and Switzerland. So my studio is on island! Not so far time away, I moved in a new place, so the studio now is more bigger, brighter and better! Already now, I got couple of guest artists coming to work in my studio and the plan is to get more artists together to working in the studio, so it will be more productive, art inspired atmosphere. The studio looks pretty colorful and funny.

Gatiz Tattoo
Oberer Schrannenplatz 9
Lindau Insel

- How long usually takes to get an appointment?
For appointment you don't need to wait long! Usually I try to leave 1 day in the week free for something special. But anyway waiting time more or less is 1 month.

Q: Outside the busy schedule, do you have any hobbies that helps you get inspired? What do you do in your spare time?
A: As much as possible I try to spend my time with my son and wife, but I need to work more on this issue. Mostly, the time with my family gives me inspiration for my work. I love to draw, that is one of the ways how I can relax and turn my brain off. Other thing... I love to swim.

Q: What would you say that keeps you a few steps forward in realizing your career goals?
A: Learning, Learning, Learning! I try to never stop learning something in this industry!

Q: What are your plans? Are there any tattoo conventions in your schedule for the upcoming months?
A: My plans are to big, I'm afraid that I will not have enough time to realize them! Conventions well, let me see! The next one is:

Q: Mr.Brunins, what's the best thing that you have learned during your tattoo journey?
A: Well first of all I learned a bit to draw, but then I would say, to be patient.

- Any motivational words for the beginners?
By myself, I still learn and can't give a big advice to beginners! Keep the passion for art, don't make this tattoo life style as usual as everyday routine!