Interview with Goshan Moscowsky | Swallow Tattoo, RU | 22/05/2020


 Hello Goshan Moscowsky! Thank for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. Please start by telling us something about yourself and how did you stated your journey in this field??

 I started back in college. I had to pay tuition and it was the best option. I went through training and started working. A year later, I began to get more money than I would get while working in the profession for which I studied. Studying faded into the background. Then I went to learn to draw and fell in love with tattooing. I even get a tattoo for free if I'm interested in the sketch and there is no client appointment.

Q: Was it hard to learn how to do tattoos? Do you have any artistic background, formal art training?
A: I studied architecture and I was in different subcultures. Sooner or later, fate led me into tattoo art. Anyone can learn tattooing. I don’t see anything complicated here. It is more difficult to find your way and sell your services.

Q: You are specialised in color tattoo realism. A very popular but difficult tattoo style to be good at! Your work... is awesome! You have ability to capture human emotions and character with your sharp eye. Very detailed, precise work! To be honest, I can't really pick a favourite tattoo, I like them all! Can you pick a favourite?
A: Many thanks. I am very pleased! Probably the face of an Indian. It was the first serious experience in portrait tattooing.

- Since it's all about getting the best results, keeping an open mind when it comes to ideas... What are some of the most time consuming parts to work on while doing portrait tattoos?
I devote much time to sketching or finding photos in advance and therefore, I have no difficulties.

Q: Any favorite human facial expression? Any dream piece in mind that you would like to put on someone's skin?
A: I really like to catch people's emotions. But so far it does not always work out. I am constantly learning. Such as awkwardness, embarrassment... I only dream of crazy sketches)

Q: Are you open for suggestions from your clients when it comes to ideas?
A: Differently, basically the client calls the name and I find an interesting portrait image to start with.

Q: How much tattoo realism, especially portrait tattoos can give the artist a creative freedom? Do you try to make your work a bit different than the work of other artists? Either technically or creatively?
A: I think I'm still learning. I really want to find my style and do something new, but first I need to succeed in realism. Many of my colleagues first come up with their own style and then learn to draw. I'm the opposite. Sometimes I experiment, but only with the background or elements. In Russia, people do not want to have portraits on themselves so I lack practice.


Q: Color only? Any dark, gothic portraits etc or you gonna stick to your color inks?
A: I tattoo in all styles. I have clients for earning and clients for my soul. I post only portraits because I want a beautiful Instagram page)

Q: Russia... ah beautiful Russia... I see so many new, young artists, very talented, the scene is getting bigger every day it seems. I'm so happy for the progress. What's your opinion? Would you add/change something?
A: I do not tie nationality to art. In Russia there are a lot of cool artists, but they draw international tattoos. If there was a special Russian style that they would glorify, I would be very happy. But instead they tattoo traditional American style, beat in the Japanese style, Chinese... They are just great artists from Russia like me.

Q: What would you say to those who are willing to try getting into this business? Any motivational words?
A: To be honest... I don't know. Probably just to learn and communicate more with different people. I do not want to be boring, I do not want to seem boring, but to set small goals and achieve them. Do not immediately take on complex work. Better, well-done simple work than bad but difficult.

Please write down your contact info and studio location.
Russian federation, Moscow, Sirens studio/ swallow’s nest studio
Thank you soooooo much!

Mr.Goshan Moscowsky Thank you so much for the interview,
Take care and keep up the great work.