sk8 Design | Interview with Ignacio Rivas by Iva Kancheska 27/01/2013

Q: How long are you into skateboarding?
A: I remember the first day when I started skating. I was a kid, only 7 yrs old, now I'm 23. I started skating with a little plastic board in my uncle's house with his neighbors. When I turned 12 my dad brought me a professional skateboard as a gift... That was an amazing day. Since that day, I haven't stop skating.

Q: Who was the person that inspired you to start skating?
A: You know... Tony Hawk or the Tony Hawk pro skater 1 should I say haha. We play that game with my friends all the time. Since we played we decided to start skating. We all have a skateboards, and a place to ride, the old abandoned factory. Imagine a bunch of kids, with a magic key to open that door. We have a lot of memories in Wilde (Buenos Aires), we skated a lot, and obviously we destroyed everything we saw, old glasses, a truck, wine bottles, even a wall! haha

Q: Do you find skateboarding as a full-time addiction? lol
A: Yeah! Back in the days it was a really full-time addiction. But know I have another responsibilities, I’m studying, working etc. But fortunately I’m still skating, and my work is related to skateboarding. Now I skate once a week, it´s not too much but I still enjoy a lot.

Q: Would you say that skateboarding is a way of life, self-expression?
A: Sure!! First at all, skateboarding it’s not a sport! Skateboarding is an art form, you know. It´s an incredible way of life, you can met a lot of interesting, creative, crazy people, you can make really good friends. It´s awesome.

Q: Name your favorite tricks! Anything you might find as most difficult?
A: I think that's impossible. Flip, and varial flip, are very simple but I enjoy doing it. I would like to do hardflip some day... It's quite difficult...

Q: I bet some people are even scared to try. Once I tried some tricks - damn, It was a way to much for me, instead of the "fail flips"! LoL! How did you learn the basic tricks?
A: Hahaha! You gotta try! You'll fail, but the most important thing is to wake up in the next morning and try again - no matter what will happen. Skateboarding is like life! I learned the basic tricks trying for thousands times with my friends. Watching skate videos helps a lot too.

Q: It's well know that although as a great form of exercise, riding a bike, in-line skating, or skateboarding is not allowed everywhere? Have you ever had a problem with the cops?? Please feel free to share some funny stories?;)
A: Not really. When we were starting, we used to skate in an old factory, but then when we got quite older we started to skate on the streets. Here in Argentina everything is allowed haha, so we don't have problems with anyone.

Q: What things are driving you insane and gives you the biggest adrenalin?
A: When I'm skating and I feel the wind on my face and the pavement under my feet. That's a great sensation.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you would love to try? Are you always into learning some new tricks or you keep it spontaneous?
A: It would be awesome to feel the sensation of a big ramp I guess. Yes, I'm looking for trying new tricks.


Q: Besides the crazy riding, your a tattoo fan. I've noticed you have a couple of tattoos on your body. What are their meaning?
A: Yes, I'm a tattoo fan since I was a kid. Tattooing is a way of art expression. My tattoo is done by my girlfriend so the tattoo is very important for me. I won't say what's the meaning, but every tattoo I have, has its own opinion and express my feeling, good or bad. It marks an after and a before, always wanting something better for my life.

Tattoo art inspire me a lot, as you can see, I'm influenced by some of the tattoo styles such as traditional, and the oriental irezumi tattoos.

As I said, your very inspiring person. I was pretty amazed when I saw your skateboard designs. Really cool.
Thanks! It's very important to me to work on something I really love. I found a way to express myself. I worked so hard to do what I love actually. Now I'm painting on skateboards as a part job since 2008. Thanks to art I met a lot of interesting people.


Q: Punk - rocker? What music style is the best choice while street skate session?
A: Yes! But I don´t like the categories. I’m a big fan of music, and I hear the good one, punk rock, hardcore, jazz, indie, even classic music, no matter what style is, only matter if it’s original. But a good choice while I skate is punk rock and something loud definitively. Bands like J.F.A, Bad Religion, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag, Cockney Rejects, The Fall, Joy Division, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr. etc etc. And from Argentina Eterna Inocencia, El mato a un policía motorizado, Massacre, Griswold, PEZ and many others.

Q: I can see lots of punk bands on your skate decks. Would you say that punk music is like a trade mark to skate way of life?
A: Yes, I guess. I've made a lot of designs, punk rock related, J.F.A, Black Flag, Adolescents, Massacre (Argentina) SNFU, TSOL, and I made off Turbonegro, Municipal Waste, The Clash and many others.

Q: Lots of tattoo flashes too. What would be the most touchable story ever painted?
A: I think the one on the canvas that I've made last year. It's a crazy space with a half planet spelling water into a black hole.
And it was surprising for me because this year I sold this canvas to Norma from Spain. Thanks again!!

Anyway, every painting that I made its important for me, every canvas or skateboard have a great story behind.
(photo in this link:

Q: What is your favorite art medium? Canvas, digital art or skate decks?
A: I like them all. I say different things on each one. Now I’m painting on the streets too. It´s a magnificent experience, you can paint on canvas, skateboards, etc but I think that the art should be on the streets too, it´s for the people, you know white walls are extremely boring for me.

Q: Do you also work on customs for clients? If so, please share your best experiences.
A: Yes, I’m so happy doing this job, I have painted a lot of amazing things. The best experiences I guess is when my work is seen in art shows and people that I don´t know let me know that my art it's amazing. When people say this to me, I don't know what to say, just thanks, it’s a little embarrassing for me.

Q: I've noticed that you own a skate related website. Awesome. Guide me a bit into the basics of the website and the idea of promoting skateboarding.
A: Yes! When I painted my first skate in 2008, I thought that it would be great to create a page to show my works. That’s when Goldksull Skate Art was born. It's a space where I share art, skateboarding, music, lifestyle and culture.

Goldskull has grown a lot. It's actually the only website that promotes skate art in Argentina. Goldskull has a special section(album) that show off the the art of other Argentinean artists too.

Q: How is skateboarding accepted in Argentina?
A: Very well. Skateboarding grew up a lot in the past five years. Today skateboarding is totally accepted, it’s normal to see a skater in the streets. 20 years ago was a different story. Actually there are a lot of public skate parks, that’s a good thing for the kids.

Q: Are there any particular goals you'd like to achieve in your career?
A: I don't know. I don't think so much on that. I'm trying to work hard and become better than yesterday. Always doing what makes me happy. The best is always coming.

Q: Would you still be a crazy punk-rocker holding a skateboard in ten years from now? lol
A: Haha I don´t know, maybe!

Q: Any advice to all the kids and even adults who wants to try this amazing sport?
A: Have fun, be a good person and make friends.

Ignacio, It's been a pleasure to talk with you! Please feel free to share your website.

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Thanks Iva!!