tattoo | Interview with Igor Igoryoshi by Iva Kancheska 04/06/2012  

Q: When did you start doing tattoos? What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: As a child I used to watch movies about martial arts, there were characters with tattoos. The first tattoo I've done by myself was when I was 16 years old. Then I began to make tattoos for my friends. Initially those were simple images, but over the years I started trying to do more complex drawings on skin, which has characterized my continued growth as a tattoo artist.

Q: Do you have any influences?
A: I try not to imitate anybody and not to succumb to the influences. Inspiration is something different. The inspiration comes when I see some tattoos done by some of my colleagues. It's a great motivation for me to do something by my own not less than the original.


Q: Some people say that it is possible to be self though artist. What are your thoughts about this?
A: Well, actually I'm in front of you. I did not have teachers, in fact when I started I did not have access to the Internet, and tattoo magazines. The only training that I could have had for that time, was going to tattoo conventions and observe the work of other artists.

Q: Artists are constantly making some changes in their style, technically and artistically. How has your work developed through the years?
A: My contours and paints have become more like a flat lol. Over time, I completely changed the quality of my work technically. I try to experiment more and do not concentrate on one thing. At this time I am trying to create more complex compositions.


Q: In which designs you find most creative freedom?
A: Most of all I like to do characters, faces, portraits, such as tattoos convey emotion, mood, and they have contact with the audience.

Q: Your color use is pretty remarkable. What inks do you use?
A: I try to convey the color closer to the original project. Often I have to mix the colors during the work, because there is no a standard palette. Basically, I use well-known color brands such as Intenze and Eternal, recently I used the Fusion Ink. Probably, the most difficult thing is that, when I work on a color tattoo, the smooth transition from one color to another, it does not dissolve the dirt on the skin. Recently I prefer do black & gray tattoos, because through the use of different shades of black, you can create an 3d image.


Q: Can you tell me little about the making process, how did you corporate the client's idea with your own?
A: Usually, the client tells me about the idea that he would like to see or what is connected with the fact of his life, and I start to prepare for the project (for example, person wanted to show the impermanence of life, and I drew him an hourglass with a rose that loses its petals).

Q: What kind of tattoos people like the most?
A: In the past few years, people, especially young people began to prefer the classic traditional tattoos (roses, swallows, nautical theme), coming to me, clients know that I work in a completely opposite style, and we have to modify these projects in the direction of realism.

Q: What are the most interesting experiences with the customers?
A: For each client, I try to find an individual approach, because everyone wants something, which no one has. I love when a client gives me complete freedom when working with him, and trusts me completely. One client came to me and asked for portrait tattoos of his cats who saved his life during a fire.


Q: Any strange requests, you would like to share with us?
A: I feel strange, the mass desire of customers to do themselves lettering, there is no artistic value, and of course an imitation in tattoos the stars of music, movies and sports.


Q: In a few words, what are the most important things that every single artist should know in order to become successful and respected artist?
A: First of all, this are the tattoo basics, and it wouldn't be bad to have an art education, as it greatly facilitates the artwork.

Please feel free to share your feature plans about your work and your work info(website).
I would like to visit a lot of tattoo conventions and to work in different studios. At the same time I'll continue to develop my creativity and I won't stop here. As Socrates said: "There is no limit to perfection." At this time I work in Lublin (Poland), Slayer Tattoo Studio. You can check out my portfolio on facebook:,
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