Interview with Ivana TattooArt

  Hello Ivana Tattoo Art! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. It really means a lot having you here. You're one of my favorite tattoo artists and one of my favorite success stories. Seriously! It's been a while since the last time we talked, and seeing you at the top, around so many A list clients and celebrities... It fills my heart with joy! Let's not forget to mention, this is not just a random luck... A circumstance... A random opportunity... It's a result of your dedication, your love for tattooing, your charisma and talent. Oh maybe even more... Well we will talk about the modeling a bit later heh. But for sure all this is well deserved Ivana.

Oh where do we even start? ... Ok superstar, let's start with...

Q: Are you based in California now? How long have you been living and working in America?
A: Yes, I am back in California- in West Hollywood! I call it coming out of retirement. I spent the last 2 years in Europe while my wife wrote her two books. I have been in America for past 14 years.

Q: Do you like it? What do you like the most about the place and the people there?
A: Yes, I love California. Especially West Hollywood and Beverly Hills where I live now. I love the food, fun, fashion and weather. On the other hand I also love Orange county which has completely different vibe than LA! It's very easy going and I love that it's surrounded by water!

Q: How long took you to get used to the lifestyle and the culture?
A: I am still getting used to it but having traveled all over the world, I know that cultures are to be enjoyed just as much as the location.

Q: How is the tattoo scene in America now? Do you feel like there is too much competition, too many new artists, therefore it's much more difficult to succeed?
A: The Tattoo Scene in America is always evolving and I am happy to see the younger generation leading the way. I don't feel competition, never have. I do not compete with other artists. Art is very personal and therefore competition is absolute. Yes, I have won first place in the most prestigious competitions in the world but only as a challenge to myself.

Q: In my opinion, America is the place where big dreams come true! There are great opportunities for the super talented, the hardworking people, however I still think that some favorable circumstances are needed for that big breakthrough, am I right?
A: America stands as the canvas where colossal dreams can indeed become vibrant realities. The opportunities are boundless, especially for those who wield talent and embrace hard work with a relentless spirit. However, I know that even in the pursuit of my personal breakthroughs and trailblazing acts, a touch of serendipity and favorable circumstances can add that extra spark to the journey. It's a harmonious dance between personal dedication and the cosmic alignment of opportunities that makes the American Dream an exhilarating and, at times, serendipitous adventure.

- What do you think was crucial in your case?
My tireless dedication to manifesting MY DREAM. My visualization of the specifics in my life.

Q: It's really that "Go big or go home" vibe... America will give you the chance but it's up to you to take it... Do you feel like you are living the American dream?
A: Absofukenlutely.

Q: I've seen many celebrities on your Instagram... You tattoo them? Oh please, share some funny stories.
A: Yes, I do. One thing that I can say is always funny is the fact that they don't understand me or I don't understand them because of the language barrier or their English slang. Another is that many of them smoke and I end up in contact high meaning I end up laughing non stop because I do not do drugs so I am easily impacted.

- Are they arrogant or any weird attitude?
No. My cleints are super cool and attentive.

Q: As a superstar artist, having that friendly attitude, I bet people are not only wanting to get a tattoo from you because your style is amazing... but also to have a beautiful memory of you as a person. Having the talent to tattoo is a gift but getting a tattoo is receiving a gift. How do you feel about this "exchange" do you still enjoy your work, even after all these years?
A: I absolutely enjoy my work and will do so until the day I die. The energy exchange in getting a tattoo is an intricate dance of creativity, trust, and transformation for me. As I guide the ink across the canvas of your skin, there's a transfer of energy — a fusion of your unique essence and my artistic expression. It's a sacred dialogue, where your story mingles with the strokes of my tattoo art.
The buzzing of the tattoo machine becomes a rhythmic heartbeat, syncing with the energy in the room. As we co-create, there's an exchange of emotions, a silent understanding that transcends words. Trust flows both ways — you entrust me with your vision, and I reciprocate with the commitment to bring it to life.

This exchange is not just about ink penetrating skin; it's about the energy of intention and permanence. Your journey intertwines with mine in those moments, leaving an indelible mark on both the canvas of your body and the canvas of my artistic soul. It's a symbiotic connection, a dance of energies that lingers long after the tattooing process concludes.

Q: You didn't change your style. I like that. Whenever we see a tattoo you did, we instantly recognize that it's your work... We know it's Ivana's masterpiece. Do you feel like it's important to stand out and bring something unique, especially in big places like America?
A: Absolutely! Maintaining a distinctive style is crucial to me as an artist, and I appreciate your recognition of that. In the vast tapestry of the tattoo world, standing out and offering something truly unique is like painting a vibrant stroke of individuality. It's not just about creating art; it's about crafting a signature, an identity that echoes in each piece.

In a dynamic and diverse place like America, where artistic expressions flourish, having a recognizable style becomes a way of leaving an indelible mark. It's a testament to authenticity and a commitment to offering clients not just a tattoo but a piece of art that carries the essence of my creativity. The goal is to make every piece unmistakably mine, creating a connection that goes beyond the visual – a connection to the soul of the art and the heart of the artist.

Q: I think it's kinda polarized... We have got many new styles in the past few years and it's great to see progress, but I think people either like realism style or some AI, weird looking design... I think we are heading towards generic AI stuff. I might be wrong. You opinion? Do you like AI designs?
A: I like and resonate with all art. Art is in the eye of the beholder.

Q: What Americans say about your style? Even though, you don't need any validation after all these years, but does it feel good to hear some compliments... Still? Heh
A: Compliments are Always welcomed. ;)

Q: Any favorite person who still supports you?
A: All of my sponsors and Gabe from Reinventing Tattoo

Q: You are multi talented... Motivational speaker, modeling career ahead? Just... Wow! What are you currently working on? Don't be modest, tell us "everything" hah
A: I can not disclose everything but I will tell you I have children's books coming out soon.

Q: How much the public speaking helped you to feel empowered not just as a person but as an artist too?
A: Public speaking has been a transformative journey that goes beyond empowering me solely as a person - it extends to my identity and growth as an artist. The act of sharing my experiences, insights, and artistic journey with an audience has been a powerful catalyst for self-discovery and confidence.

Q: What message you try to tell your audience?
A: At the core of my message lies a fundamental motto: embrace the simplicity of "Just Love and always be yourself."

Q: Is it a journey of self discovery through self (often artistic) expression?
A: Yes :)

Q: The essential part of spiritual awakening?
A: The essential part of spiritual awakening is very personal. The essential part of spiritual awakening lies in the profound recognition and deepening awareness of one's inner self. It involves a transformative journey where individuals connect with their higher consciousness, fostering a sense of oneness with the universe. Btw... I'm amazed of how cool is this! I love, love what you do!

Q: Now let's say a few words about your beautiful Slovakia. Do you visit your home sometimes? Do you feel like there are some artists from your country that can reach your level? How do you feel about the Slovakian tattoo scene?
A: Yes, I was there for 2 years. Yes, I always visit my beloved home. I feel that the younger generation of artists from my country will reach world heights and even surpass me. That is my goal, to trailblaze for them so that they can have an easier time with their dreams.

Q: Are you staying in America?
A: For now, I live like the flow of water.

Q: We all know you are very busy, probably fully booked... Any chance to schedule an appointment? Please write how my audience can contact you.
A: You can literally get a session with me next day or wait up to 1 year, it depends of my travels.

Q: Even after all these years... What are some of the challenges you face but also what do you cherish the most?
A: Even after all these years, the journey as an artist has presented its share of challenges and cherished moments. One of the enduring challenges is navigating the evolving landscape of artistic expression, staying attuned to trends while preserving the authenticity of my signature style. The industry's dynamism demands a continual commitment to growth and innovation.

Yet, amidst these challenges, what I cherish most is the unwavering passion that fuels my artistic endeavors. The ability to translate emotions and stories into timeless art remains a profound source of fulfillment. Witnessing the impact of my work on individuals, seeing how a tattoo becomes a cherished part of their narrative, is a treasure beyond measure. It's the enduring connection forged with people through my art that makes every challenge worthwhile and adds depth to the artistic journey

Q: Your story is very inspiring, I bet many people, especially the young, aspiring artists are idolizing you. What is your advice for those who want to try getting into professional tattooing?
A: Stay educated and learn from the best! Not just the art of tattooing but also learn business and marketing.