tattoo | art interview with jake masri by iva kancheska 17/12/2014

Hello Jake Masri! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. Please start by telling us something about yourself and how you got into art?

I have also drawn and knew I wanted to be an artist since I was young , I started drawing in 3rd grade but in middle school I knew I wanted to become a tattoo artist. The neighborhood I grew up in, Casablanca riverside, ca, consisted of a lot of people that were covered in tattoos so around middle school I made my own, homemade tattoo machine.

Q: What kind of art interested you in the beginning?
A: Pencil art work. The 2 specific magazines that influenced me the most were teen angels and the heavy metal magazine. There was a lot of pencil and ink drawings. I looked up to all the dragons and Viking art.


Q: Who is the person you are most grateful when it comes inspiration? Any influences?
A: Jose Lopez, the owner of lowrider tattoo studios, he is my biggest inspiration and influence. Also my cousin that was a painter.

Q: I bet you've had lost of fun, during you art journey, how has your style developer throughout the years of experience?
A: It's hard to say because you don't see how you improve until you look back. You are just so focused and trying to work hard that it takes awhile to see your improvement. As an artist you always feel you can constantly improve and grow.

Q: You're well know for your black & gray style. Since when the fascination for this type of style fist began?
A: I always drew with pencil and when I met Jose Lopez his art and style was always black and grey pencil drawings on skin. 

Q: Photo-realistic portraits are really remarkable designs in your portfolio. What details are most challenging to work on?
A: The challenge in the realistic portraits are the expression and detail on there faces.

Q: Being a creative person, must be a blast. You're also a good drawer. I saw some great drawings on your website. Do you draw for fun, sketches for clients or you sale some of your artworks?
A: I draw constantly, mostly for my own personal fun but I recently just sold my first drawing.


Q: You also have a really cool shop, I bet people are feeling awesome while the tattoo sessions. Tell me more about the shop.
A: We are family and we support one another. We are always trying to improve the shop and keep its standards high. We keep it clean and welcoming for all the clients that come in. It has a Rome influence to it. We are located in Fountain Valley, Ca. You can check out the shop by going to

Q: Getting a tattoo is a pleasure, but doing a tattoo is even more than a pleasure - it's must be an honor. How do you feel when someone come up in your studio and ask you to tattoo them? Do you appreciate their choice? Are you always supportive to the client's idea?
A: I always feel honored, excited and happy when someone wants me to tattoo them. I am always supportive and respectful of the clients choice. If anything I may recommend or bring an idea to there attention because it might work better then what they thought but over all it is there choice and in the end I want them to be happy with every decision and end result of the tattoo.

Q: As an artist, what are some of your greatest challenges or obstacles you face while keeping up a busy schedule at the shop?
A: By keeping the momentum going and staying busy. I always want to make sure that everyday I am giving 110 percent.

Q: What keeps you motivated and creative? Is it a person or a progress idea?
A: Everyday is new and everyday I am working with new clients and new tattoos.

Q: Any final words for the beginners that are just starting out their careers?
A: Don't give up, keep drawing, keep working hard, "life's a garden, dig it."