Interview with Jessi Manchester - All Style Tattoo, Berlin  27/05/2013


Q: When did you start doing tattoos? What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: I started 7 years ago. In my final throes of college I took a chance in a tattoo shop to make a few bugs by creating some walk-in tattoo flashes. After a while the owner offered to train me in tattooing. I hesitated at first cause my plan was to study arts in the U.S. but I've made up my mind and told myself I should give it a try! Right decision!

Q: Why tattoo artist?
A: As I said, more or less by coincidence. I was always into arts, in Kindergarten they painted the walls with my drawings but tattooing came to me.

Q: Do you have any role models?
A: Sure. I think it's important to look up to people that keeps pushing yourself. In the tattoo business it would be first of all miss Nico who I was looking up to from the very beginning and then two and a half years ago I was lucky enough she wanted me for her shop, the All Style Tattoo, Berlin. Other ones that do awesome work would be Jeff Gogue, James Kern, Carlos Torres, Nikko Hurtado, Jondix, Thomas Hooper just to name a few.


Q: Some people say that it is possible to be self though artist. What are your thoughts about this? What is the best way to learn how to tattoo?
A: I think it is possible, but STILL there's no Better way than learning it in A SHOP to also BE thought of everything that comes with it Such as hygiene and How to sterilize stuff and ALL That.

Q: I can see a lot of face-expression in almost every tattoo. Seems like portraits are your specialty. Do you consider this type of work as your spatiality or simply something you enjoy the most?
A: Well yeah, it's definitely one of my favorites or maybe even what I enjoy the most. When I was little I already liked to draw faces fascinating something about it I guess it does not and also get boring cause every face is very different and to catch the expression is a big challenge every time. But I also enjoy graphical stuff as well, making very straight and exact lines is challenging me too.

Q: Is there any face of a celebrity you want to put on someone's skin? (lol)
A: Oh Yes, if anybody Wants A Robert de Niro or Amy Winehouse or maybe Obama contact Me (lol). Very strong faces.


Q: What is the most bizarre request for a tattoo? Share some of the funniest experiences with the customers.
A: Well I'm sure that the most bizarre one I've ever done was Fishnet stockings on the whole kegs of a guy. But it turned out to be my hardest one as well. Just to figure out a trick to get this pattern on the legs was one story. But anyway not going to say so much about it you have to see it. When it's all done (turned out to be a 2 year project) I will put it on my website and you can take a look :)

Q: Being creative all the time must be hard. How do you keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic about your work?
A: I Have great costumers their happiness when they step to the mirror gives me pleasure, even after the hardest and longest day and also gives me strength for the next :)

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any other interests outside of tattooing that help inspire you?
A: Travelling and being open minded as much as art simply by other great artists. It's important to keep your eyes open, especially in new places. I try to make drawings and paintings get into other stuff outside from tattooing but that's not so easy when you work a lot, draw for customers and so on. Therefore I will have this big timeout when I tour the US for 3 months starting in August to get some of my own ideas on paper but also give people the chance to get a tattoo while I'm on the road. Keep checking my website when to catch me where.

Q: Art in general is like an endless salvation from all the negative aspects in life, what is the best lesson that you've learned from your art journey?
A: First of all it's been a great journey so far. I would say one of the hardest things is to be patient. In the beginning you have successful days but the next day can throw you back again cause lets say for example the skin is strange and you don't have the experience how to handle little barriers like that.

Q: Are there any particular goals you'd like to achieve in your career?
A: Yeah, I wish that journey of learning Never ends. My goal is to keep open minded and have a development in my work all the time. I never want it to be stuck.

Q: In a few words, what are the most important things that every single artist should know in order to become successful and respected artist?
A: As I said, Never Become stucked Or shut down, BE Always Willing to learn more there is no perfection in art, we can always do a little more that's also the interesting part of it. Also challenging is to give a hundred percent EVERY DAY cause every customer will carry that single day for a lifetime and that's a big thing you do have the responsibility to give everything all the time!

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Jessi Manchester
All Style Tattoo, Berlin