interview with Jessica Vojta | tattoo modeling | austria  04/10/2013

Q: As a creative person, what is your first passion, love?
A: That’s a really good question... (thinking) I always was very interested in art, so I would say ART is the passion of my life. Without art my life wouldn’t be that what it is and my personality wouldn’t be the same.

- How long are you into tattooing?
The art itself has been very interested in me as a little child. I always had two dream jobs... Make-up artist & tattoo artist.
After I completed my training as a hairdresser, I began my training as a makeup artist. I am a very determined woman and always want to learn more and new things, so I started in 2009 to work in a tattoo studio. 2011, I finally started tattooing.

Q: Your tattoo portfolio is very interesting. Do you have any favorite tattoo style?
A: My favorite style is color realism, but I also like to do realism in black’n’grey.

Q: Would you say that there is something in your work sets you apart from many artists out there?
A: Yes for sure, ‘cause I'm really fixated to adapt all tattoos to the body currents. So the tattoo emphasizes the body shape and don’t looks like only placed somewhere. I love to do custom-tattoos. So I take some pictures with my camera from faces, flowers, or something else. It’s really unusual that I take a photo from the internet or something else. These are my own creations.

- Is is possible to develop something really different nowadays, since we've got so many styles, techniques?
Yes, I think is possible. I really love to mix realism with some parts of halftones for example. But I’m really sure that I’m going to reinvent myself again.

Q: Your tattoo apprentice was at NADELWERK-Csaba Mullner. Wow! How was the feeling working with him?
A: It was very cool and very instructive. I will never miss this time and would do it again immediately. I will be eternally grateful that I was able to learn so much from him. There is one sentence he always said “Never be satisfied with yourself, never love your creation, this is the only way to be good.” This sentence is burned in my brain.

Q: I'm pretty sure that your customers are coming up with many interesting ideas for a tattoo. Do you have any interesting stories to share with us?
A: I think I could write a book about it... :) The craziest story is that one of my costumers wants 2 black bold stripes on his balls... I HAVEN’T DONE IT!!!!

Q: Are there any weird clients that are trying to make a contact with you by getting a tattoo, cuz', let's face it, you look gorgeous!
A: Oh thank you... <3 Yes, there are some of these clients, but I’m also weird, so that’s the perfect combination. :)
Some of these clients only want a tattoo from me, and let me do what I want. So I get free hand of the choice of the design.

Q: You also work as an alternative model. Really cool. How long are you into modeling?
A: I’m modeling since I was 18 years old. That’s a really funny story, ‘cause I was always behind the scenes as make-up artist, until one the photographers I’m working with, says: “Why do don’t actually stands in front of the camera? You have the face and the body for that. TRY IT!!!” So I tried it, and I LOVED IT!

Q: You have some really cool tattoos on your body...  Some of my tattoos stands for a period of my life and the other tattoos I simply like the designs. But the most important tattoo is the wedding-portrait of my parents. <3 One of my next planed tattoos is the bunny-symbol from the model-agency but in realistic style.

Q: Do you feel overwhelmed by the modern mainstream euphoria and trends all over?
A: Unfortunately it’s not accepted in Austria as in America yet. That's why I think it is good that there is more mainstream as 10 years ago.

- If you had to pick one easy thing women can do to improve their natural beauty, what would you suggest?
The right man in her life :) Although I have not found him yet, but he'll come into my life.

Q: Do you have any favorite photo-session?
A: One of my last shootings, but unfortunately I can’t talk about it because this photo gallery is currently not published.

Talking about your modeling career, it's really cool that you work for the agency "Tattoomodels Europe"

Q: Since when all that started?
A: I’m under agreement at “Tattoomodels Europe” since March 2010.

Q: What keeps you motivated?
A: It’s hard to say, ‘cause there are so many things that keeps me motivated. Sometimes there are only sentences in a conversation, or a song, but as I already sad, I’m a really determined woman so I’m always motivated to get better and better.

Q: Tattoo artist, model, any other challenges? What's next?
A: Tattooing is my passion and my life, so I think I wouldn’t change in any other areas. I'm just going to draw some t-shirt designs and I think that the collection will be done in 2014. The next challenge I plan, in the next years, is my own shop. But this project has no deadline.

Please feel free to share your feature plans and your website.
I’m planning some guest spots and conventions in whole Europe for 2014. Maybe I'm also near you... ;)
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