Interview with Laura Egea | Tattoo Realism Style | Spain 06/10/2021

  Hello Laura Egea! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. It's always a pleasure to do an interview with a female artist. I'm so glad that the number is growing. I'm sure you're a huge inspiration to many young girls who want to start tattooing. Hello there!! For me it is a great pleasure to be able to answer your questions since I think that your magazine is one of the most important in the world of tattoos.

Q: How was your start in this business? Was it hard to learn the basic skills?
A: My start in the world of tattoos was complicated, when I started there was no information that you can find now on social networks. Luckily I had a friend who tattooed a bit and she was the one who showed me how to assemble the coil machine and some very basic things. From there I was able to gradually develop my own technique, although at that time I always had doubts because I couldn't know if what I was doing was correct.

Q: Did you have any formal art training?
A: I was not lucky enough to be able to do a tattoo seminar until much later, but I had a lot of drawing base. I had been painting in oils since I was seven years old and at that time I was studying the fine arts career so I considered tattooing as a artistic discipline more within the world of art as it could be engraving for example. So I applied all my previous artistic knowledge from other disciplines of art to tattooing to develop a tattoo technique of my own that might work. But like I said, I was never sure if this was correct because I didn't have enough information to be able to verify it.

- How long it took you to get regular customers and overall confidence in your work?

I got clients really fast but the type of tattoos I did were more of a commercial type at first. After about four years of tattooing, I started to develop my own style and that's when I started to have clients who really looked for me and even traveled to get a tattoo from me, I think that was a big step in my career as a tattoo artist.

Q: Tell me more about the beginning of your career. Do you remember your first tattoo?
A: My first tattoo was a realistic black and white scorpion on a potato. The first time I tattooed on human skin, was a very punk tattoo, some flies on a girl's pubis.

Q: I really like your color tattoos. The color balance and highlights really make the final look great. What do you like the most about color tattooing?
A: Thank you. I really like everything about color tattoos. I love to create an atmosphere between realistic and fantasy style, that can work using the shine that the effect of the sun gives on the hair, create a sense of depth using color contrasts, the luminosity in certain areas of the tattoo. For me the most important thing is to be able to express myself through tattoos and the use of color makes this possible.

Q: Tattooing is really precise work, it can be really challenging especially at the beginning, there is very little room for any mistakes. People of course, expect only the best result. What type of designs are the most difficult? Portraits, animals etc?
A: I love doing portraits of cartoon characters as well as animals because I find my inspiration in nature. For me the most difficult and important thing is to provoke a feeling in the person looking at the tattoo.

Q: Talking about precise work... oh how long does it takes to finish a portrait tattoo or let say, a big, sleeve tattoo?
A: Well, it depends on many factors such as the size of the area to be tattooed, the details of the design, the type and tone of skin. Normally I need an eight hour session to make a side of a forearm, a bizeps or a twin leg. To make a whole sleeve, I would need about 5 or 6 sessions.

- Any clients who want to get it all done in one session?

Normally I can tattoo the same person two consecutive days or at most three, although on some occasions I have tattooed the same person more days in a row, I remember a girl who came from England and decided to stay up for four days (sessions) in a row to get her leg done. I think she holds the record on my list for the biggest consecutive sessions, although I don't recommend it.

Q: The longest tattoo session? What was the tattoo design?
A: I make sure that each session is a maximum of eight hours, more than that is too much. Although the client could hold out for more hours, there comes a time when the skin feels tired and stops accepting the color so well... But, there were some days when I was tattoing till 12 or 13 hours.

Q: Do you allow your clients to bring some reference images or you prefer the whole design to be yours?
A: I like that the client sends me reference images to understand a little better the idea he has, I try to understand the concept and what he/she wants to have. When I have a clear idea of the client, I start to work on the design and many times although it does not resemble the client's reference at all, they express the same.

Q: How much is important to be open minded with the clients and their ideas? Have you ever turned down a client because of their tattoo idea?
A: For me, if client has an open mind is essential for the good result of the tattoo, since I also need to be able to express myself through the tattoo and to tell stories with different interpretations. It is difficult for a client to understand but I think that trust in the tattoo artist is essential to obtain a good result. Yes, I reject clients very often for many different reasons, sometimes because they ask me for different type of the work that I do, other times is because they have specific ideas of what they want to get tattooed and I think that we are not going to get a good result, etc. Before rejecting a client I always try to advise them as much as possible, I try to open their mind.

Q: I like the variety in styles I see in your portfolio. I must say, I like the realistic tattoos the most, but I also like the other ones. You're so talented!
A: Thank you!! I am very glad that you like my work. What I like the most is the realism in color with a touch of fantasy but it is true that I enjoy all styles.

Q: I don't think I saw any black and white tattoos... hm do you plan maybe to experiment with other techniques in the feature?
A: I used to do a lot of black and white realism tattoos but over the time, I have been defining my style and redirecting it towards color realism. I think that although I consider it more complicated, it allows me greater expressiveness and creativity.

Q: I love the tattoo prints. So interesting. I also saw merchandise... so cool! Is that like a hobby for now, or you're planning a whole collection soon? Looks awesome! Please write where we can purchase some of those tshirts.
A: Thanks!! I had seen that many artists had made t-shirts with their own designs but I never saw anyone who directly printed the photograph of their tattoos on the t-shirts, then it occurred to me that doing so could be something innovative and the truth is that it is having a lot of acceptance and it seems that people like this idea a lot, especially the bearers of these tattoos who are the first to buy them since they are very excited and feel very proud. At the moment I have only done it with three tattoos but my idea is to continue with this project and create a whole collection. At first my idea was simply to sell them in my tattoo studio but surprisingly we are sending them from Spain to the whole world. I am very proud because we have shipped to countries like the US, Russia, Mexico... I never thought they would ask me from places so far away. It was a great surprise for me. To buy them, people can come to my studio in person, or they can write to me through instagram and I will gladly send it to them.

Q: We are living in very uncertain times now with the pandemic. It seems like many people's lives have changed. Tattoo artists were hit pretty hard with the lockdowns. How are you doing? How this whole situation is affecting you as a person but also as an artist?
A: Yes, the effect of the pandemic was devastating, both for me personally and for the tattoo world in general. I have been very sad about the situation we have experienced and for me it was very difficult to adapt to so many restrictions. Regarding the world of tattooing, as in other areas, it has also been catastrophic, restrictions have not allowed tattoo conventions to be held or that we could travel to other studios to work. Also the mobility restrictions caused that many clients who came from other cities and countries could not travel so it was chaos for some time. Fortunately, it seems that the situation is improving little by little. This weekend we have been able to celebrate the International Tattoo Convention of Barcelona and I have been able to meet with many friends that I have not seen for a long time, I have also managed to win an award there so now I am very happy myself.


- Are you available for bookings? If so, please write down your email and studio location.
A: Yes, my schedule is open to everyone who wants to get a tattoo. You can contact me on instagram at lauraegea_tattoo or you can come to my studio Musa Tattoo in Cuenca, Spain.

Q: What are some of the best parts of being a tattoo artist? What this journey taught you about yourself?
A: The best thing the tattoo world, taught me is that I can be happy doing what I love the most. During this time I have had the opportunity to meet great artists who I admire and who are now my friends. I am very happy to have found my way in this world and I hope this continues for many years to come. I have discovered myself and I have seen myself in my tattoos, I can express myself through them.

Q: What are some of your plans for the near feature after we are finally done with covid and the world fully opens again?
A: My plan is to keep working and above all to keep traveling, for example now I am preparing to go to the New York Tattoo Convention. I am very excited that they have selected me to participate there.

Q: What would you recommend to all the young people who want to try getting into this business?
A: I would recommend that you first think about what you really like to do. I would tell you that this is not an easy path, but if you really love the art world and by extension the tattoo world then it will be worth it. .

Ms.Laura Egea Thank You
For the interview, Kind Regards