Interview with Louis Antonio | Color Realism Style | Italy | 16/03/2020


 Hello Louis Antonio! Thanks for taking some time to answer our questions. Your tattoo style looks awesome. I can say you reached the final level in color tattoo realism. Detailed, precise work and great sense of colour usage. Very vibrant, bringt colours, so the tattoos will look great even years after the skin heals. Amazing work! I know a journey in the world of arts takes a lot more than just one interview to tell all, but let's start from somewhere...

Q: How did you start your first chapter in this? Was it hard to learn the basics of tattooing? Did you have any help from someone?
A: I started tattooing after my graduation in the art academy in Foggia. I thought it was the best way to live art, I started with a qualification course and then I did several seminars.

Q: What type of tattoos you used to do back then? How do you see your work now after putting so much effort into getting better?
A: When I started, I used to do any kind of tattoos, then slowly I managed to specialize in color realism and I'm very happy for that.

Q: What part of getting started in this journey was the most difficult? What was the funniest part?
A: The most difficult part was definitely getting familiar with the tattoo machine, the most fun was working with colors because I had already studied them in the academy.

Q: Your portfolio looks so professional, it gives us the sense that you're very dedicated and creative. I like the fact that I see some black and white tattoos too not just the color ones, which to be honest are the most remarkable. I like all of them, so much that I can not pick one as favourite. All right, maybe the Einstein portrait. Looks incredible, very artistic and detailed. What parts of a portrait tattoo take lots of time to finish?
A: Thank you I appreciate it very much. It is true that every part of a portrait tattoo must be done with the same care and attention but I think that in a tattoo portrait you have to focus a lot on the eyes and on the expression of the character.

- Is color tattooing really a bit more difficult rather than playing with black and white inks?
I don't know that, but surely while color tattooing you have to work with millions of color shades.

Q: Do you have any favourite piece so far?
A: If you mean my pieces, my favorite is "The Inspiration of Saint Matthew" because it is a style that I like a lot and I love Caravaggio.

Q: Having a talent is essential in any creative job, of course tons of practice too, but you kinda have to "have it" I like the illustrations on your design profile. Impress work. Some are tattoo designs! I don't know what people will like more from you to see, but I bet even people who don't necessarily like tattoos will like your illustrations. Kinda like caricature type... What's the inspiration? Again, impressive job!
A: Thank you very much, I've always liked to make caricatures because you can be freer in drawing but always maintaining a realistic effect and attention to detail.

Q: How long does it takes to finish a drawing? So many details... I can't stop looking at them, nope no favourite here :)))
A: It takes about 15/20 hours to finish one.

- Btw. Ever tried those fancy drawing tablets or you're keeping it "simple" paper and pens?
Yes I tried them but I prefer paper with pencils.

Q: Speaking of creative freedom, I really like when one artist evolves in many directions. I like when people try do develop their work in many directions. How much tattooing gives the artist freedom to experiment since it's in a way a service type of job?
A: Fortunately the tattooing offers many creative ideas, it is true that you always have limits that the customer imposes on you but it is also true that there are many customers who allow you to express yourself freely.

Q: Alex de Pase is a genius in color tattoo realism. Are you located in his studio? If so, please tell us a little bit how is to work with him?
A: Yes I work for him in Cervignano and Rapperswil, besides being a great artist he is also a great person, I respect him very much.

Q: Tattoo artists can hear many stories from their clients while they are giving them a lifetime mark (art) on their skin. To be a tattoo artist sometimes is like a catalyst. You give but you get too. Any memorable moments from your tattoo sessions or tattoo events that you have?
A: Yes it's true I like it. I like to talk to customers because it's always constructive for myself, I don't know it doesn’t nothing in my mind but when I was at the beginning a customer insisted on making a portrait of his daughter on his right arm, I recommended doing it on the left arm because it was better for the image, and in the end he replied "I want it on the right arm because it is the part of the heart"...

Q: Where are you located now? Where can we visit and book an appointment? Please write down your contact info.
A: Now I work in Rapperswil (Switzerland) 15 days at month at “Or Noir tattoo gallery” and 15 days at Cervignano (Italy) at Alex De Pase stores.

To book a tattoo with me you can write an e mail to

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Mr.Louis Antonio Thank you so much for the interview,
Take care and keep up the great work.