tattoo |  interview with Marek Pawlik by iva kancheska 14/11/2014

Hello Marek Pawlik! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. You have very interesting, colorful style, I guess, that kind of work is something that define you as an artist, let's start with some basic info...

Q: Since when the fascination for tattoo art first began? What actually made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: My fascination with the whole thing has begun in 90's, 94/95 to be exact. I remember that time, because my friend got a tattoo made by "neighborhood expert" and I was the lucky one to monitor that happening. back then I also decided to get one too. I still have that tattoo- it's a reminder about the act, that had changed my life completely.

It was a time when tattoo movement was about to start in Poland. There were only few tattoo shops and everything connected with tattooing process was covered with secrecy. That mysterious encasement entailed me to become a tattoo artist I guess...

Q: How was you beginning? What was the hardest, most challenging part of becoming a tattoo artist?
A: In '95 everything was extremely difficult. There was no YouTube shorts, no web shops with Tattoo Supply or articles about tattooing that time, so it was a long bridge to cross and a long way to walk but I was determined to get the knowledge. We had only one professional Tattoo Shop in our region and I collected the money to be able to go to them and get a tattoo. Then I could watch how and what they were doing. I had also bought my first professional tattoo machine from them...

Q: What was the basic progress idea when you were starting? Did you have a strong feeling that one day you will become successful and reputable artist?
A: The idea was to be hardworking. I knew I wanted to do it professionally when I started. I had focused on getting better and better... and still working on this one.

Q: Seems like you enjoy doing colorful tattoos, mixed with some fantasy note in each of them. How would you describe your style?
A: Right, I like doing color tattoos. Few years ago I preferred black and white stuff although. Nowadays I feel really good in color. My style? Uh...difficult to say... realism mixed with .... something, I think :)

Q: I really love your floral designs, how do you usually get inspired? Do you work by some certain references, or you just follow your current inspiration?
A: I had always loved tattooing flowers. Everything related to nature makes my work more pleasant. Nature itself is extremely inspiring. When the client is telling me what he wants I always try to focus on that and follow my current inspiration connected to his idea. When I see for instance flowers, I'm immediately start thinking about composition, background etc.

Q: Nowadays, clients are more creative when it comes to choosing a design, they can bring up some unusual ideas, are you always supportive to your clients idea or there are some negotiations in a while?
A: I always prefer to create the design with a client. It's easier to understand his expectations when talking face to face. I support client's idea if I feel it, but it's not always like that. We always negotiate. Often changing of design itself, or it's placement takes place. Sometimes we change everything and create completely new design. Thanks to internet people know what to expect from chosen tattoo artist and they go straight to the guy they need. That's why most of customers who are coming to my shop are giving me free rein to do my job and I'm always grateful for that.

Q: Tell me more about the making process. How do you usually get to the final design idea? Do you first draw some sketches and then tattoo?
A: I usually prepare digital version of the design. I'm taking client's body picture first. I'm put the design on that exact body part. Then I can start designing in graphic programs always using photos of real stuff like flowers for example. I'm trying to show how it would look like on client's body right away.

Q: You own a tattoo shop in Poland, called "Sauron Studio Tattoo" tell me more about the shop. When did you open and how clients can get an appointment.
A: Yes, I am the founder of the shop. Opened in 1998 and was the first professional tattoo shop in our town. We are working in the same place till now. You only need to contact us for the appointment:  and e-mail:

Q: You also travel a lot, we can see the whole tattoo convention schedule on your website Awesome! I bet going on many events of this kind is a great experience and chance to meet lots of cool people. Do you have any favorite events?
A: I travel a lot, tattoo conventions are very important to me. I always try to gain more experience from greatest artists. It's a good thing to to be able to see how others work. This year I was honored to take part in 10th anniversary of London Tattoo Convention - and I think it's my favorite one. We have Tattoo Fest in Poland -it's a good one too. I also like Tattoo Show in Dortmund (Germany) for excellent organization.

Q: You're also an award wining artist, how much those awards mean to you? Would you say that they are not just a proof of a dedicated work and love for the ink, but also a great inspiration and a "push forward button" when it comes to progress?
A: It's definitely a "push forward button" to me. It's also a chance to show people the work I like.

Q: So far, after all those years of hard work, what's the next challenge? Would you try a different style maybe, or?
A: Hard work never ends. Nothing comes easily and now I'm trying to be the best at what I do. I need to improve a few things and I'm working on it.

Q: Your motivational words for those who are starting out their carriers in the world of tattooing?
A: Hard work, not to give up and listen to those who have the knowledge. Have respect for the older artists who created the tattoo scene. Don't fear of new stuff and never stop developing. And that's the key to success in my opinion...