tattoo art / interview with Maris Pavlo by iva kancheska 10/07/2014

Today we're going to talk with Maris Pavlo, a tattoo artist from Latvia. He's Working at the studio "Tattoo Frequency", located in the quiet center of Riga, Latvia. Mr.Pavlo, Let's start with the beginnings...

Q: How old were you when you first got interested in tattooing? How did you discover your talent for arts?
A: I have been drawing since young age, but my interest in tattooing started in year 2003, when I was learning how to tattoo.

Q: Tattooing is very creative work. What is your biggest inspiration?
A: I think my biggest inspiration is to work with people, to make their dream tattoo become a reality. Every time I meet different people, I need to understand what they want, and combine their ideas with real tattoo. I think it's unique how it's possible to realize just an idea on skin, and do much more than client expected.

- During the tattoo journey, did you take any classes, etc?
I learned from other artists. I watched how they make tattoo's, and asked what and how to do. We don't have good classes for tattooing in my country.

Q: You work on many tattoo styles, do you have any favorite?
A: I like to do different styles, but my favorite is photo-realism and Photoshop art.

Talking about tattoo styles, nowadays we can see a huge progress. Seems like we said "good bye" to the old simple designs, nowadays we can see a whole new level of creativity. There are tattoos mixed with some color textures, patterns, beautiful, bright colors... Just outstanding...

Thanks to modern technology it's possible to make more amazing designs, it's more flexible to realize things that client's desire in short amount of time. Thanks to diversity of colors you can make many amazing and colorful tattoos.

Q: I absolutely love your color work, your ability to put some fantasy mix in almost every design. How do you usually develop your basic ideas to the final one?
A: The first thing is idea from client. When we talk through all details, I start to search for resource material on internet and draw by myself, after the research and drawing is completed, I combine everything together in Photoshop.

Q: Would you say, color tattoos are a bit more challenging to work on?
A: Color tattoos in my opinion are more difficult than black and grey, they are more time consuming, and you need to use more colors to make an effect. But I like to make color tattoos more, because, life is colorful not black and gray :)

- Any tattoo inks you prefer to work with? (What's the secret) haha
I use Eternal, Fusion and Intenze inks.

Q: Floral designs are also eye-catching designs in your portfolio. Do you spontaneously mix the colors or you use some color palette or image as reference?
A: I realy like to make floral tattoos, I think they are romantic and beautiful. I like to use lot of colors in floral tattoos. I use reference images and colour palatte, also if needed, I spontaneously mix colors together.

Q: What designs are most popular in Latvia?
A: Here in Latvia, people don't make only one specific design or style, because every client have his own idea and desire. Only time by time, there are some people who wants something symbolic related with Latvian culture or simply patriotic tattoos.


Q: Do you love to be recognized by some theme-designs as a specialist or you don't mind tattooing any type of design?
A: I like to do different type of designs, but I like when people look at photo-realistic or Photoshop style tattoo, and can recognize that the tattoo was done by Maris Pavlo.

Q: How long does it usually takes to get an appointment?
A: It's possible to make appointments within 2-3 month. You can contact me on e-mail:, if you want a fantastic tattoo.

Q: Even now, when we have so many websites that educate young people about the tattoo risks etc, as a tattoo artist, what would you say is the BIG NO NO, when it comes to getting a tattoo?
A: I always say no to clients who come to my studio and say "I want tattoo, I don't know what, but I want one.".


- What are some of the biggest mistakes that people do before they decide to get a tattoo?
I think you don't make tattoo, just to have tattoo. I think you need to think through, what you want, and then with some idea, you can come to studio, and we can help improve and realize that idea.

Q: Mr.Pavlo, after all those years of hard working, do you set any levels up for your job? Would you try to tattoo something completely different than now?
A: I think I have leveled up in years, but always you can learn more and do better. If you think that you're the best and you know everything, you can put down your machines. I do almost all styles, only I can't imagine to do only old school or Japanese style.

Q: Some motivational tips for the beginners?
A: Never stop, keep learning. Go to your dreams.

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