INTERVIEW WITH Mike Ats  | realistic style | tattoos & art 17/08/2012

Q: When did you start doing tattoos? What made you to become a tattoo artist?
A: I started tattooing eleven years ago.

Q: What kind of art interested you at that time?
A: Graffiti was my inspiration.

Q: Do you have any influences?
A: It is hard for me to answer that question because I am very flabbergasted by the numerous pieces of art every day of many tattoo artists, painters and photographers which increase more and more nowadays. But of course there are some memorable ones in the world of tattoo. There are so many out there that it is hard to mention them all!

Q: Some people say that it is possible to be self though artist. What are your thoughts about this?
A: I have already difficulty in defining me as an artist, so I think that we are on this earth to have fun as much as possible. Be true to yourself is a must. You reap what you show.



Q: Artists are constantly making some changes in their style, technically and artistically. How has your work developed over the years?
A: My work has evolved on its own, without asking myself too many questions. In my opinion, the best thing to do is to have as much fun as possible, by adding some of your soul in each tattoo and still considering my customers needs.

Q: In which designs you find most creative freedom?
A: I really enjoy realism and I am fond of the Japanese style, where you can express yourself in so many ways.

Q: Maybe the most impressive think about your work is the color shading in layers. Seems like there is 3d work in some of them. What would you say that is most difficult in doing color tattoos?
A: Hair!!!!I hate doing hair !!! Haha !!



Q: Can you tell me about the making process?
A: Firstly, I think that it is very important to know the tattoo artist’s work before you choose one. Once you find him you have to be in sync with each other, and my creativity starts flowing. My customers really trust me.

Q: What kind of tattoos people like the most?
A: The lettering is really popular which is pretty cool, but you don’t want to be stuck in that style.

Q: Can you say that there are some tattoo trends out there?
A: The Polynesian style.




Q: What are the most interesting experiences with the customers?
A: I had a very enriching experience one day when I tattooed a blind person. Some people call them disabled, handicapped, but after that day I realize that we are more disabled than them. What a wonderful life lesson!


Q: In a few words, what are the most important things that every single artist should know in order to become successful and respected?
A: Stay humble, be yourself...

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