interview with Mistarz Leszek Rock'n'Ink Tattoo & Piercing 27/05/2015

Hello Mistarz Leszek! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our magazine. You're part of "Rock'n'Ink Tattoo & Piercing" studio in Poland and you have a really remarkable style, that reminds me of the good old school tattooing.

Q: How did you end up being a tattoo artist? Did you feel inspired by someone?
A: I really don't know why I started tattooing. I had no tattooed friends, I didn't know any tattooer. I just wanted to start doing this. My girlfriend told me I'll be good tattooer so I started to learn by myself.

Q: What was the first tattoo you ever done?
A: The first tattoo I did was mickey mouse on my friend's leg. I had completely no idea how to tattoo. One guy I knew told me to use 1rl for outline and 7rl for filling hahah so I did it this way. My friend was screaming all the time we did this. It looks like prison tattoo with big bruise under it now. When I started I tried to find someone who can teach me how to do it right but no one wanted to help me, so I just started doing it on two of my best friends. After 2 years I started to work in Rock n' Ink tattoo where I still do tattoos everyday. I was studying painting and intermedia at the academy of fine arts but I quit. All I really wanted was to do tattoos.

Q: Old school designs are something that sets you apart from many tattoo artists, doing lost of tattoo styles but end up being bad at each of them :D To be honest, I like when I see artists doing only one style and they are so good at that one... Would you agree?
A: I tattoo other stuff than old school too. I'm drawing and painting since I was 12. It's not a problem for me to create different things. of course my favorite style is traditional. when you see old school design you know it look like tattoo. its simple, semantic and classy.

Q: Seems like nowadays people are coming up with many interesting ideas for a tattoo, even some of the well know styles has developed on many levels up, especially when it comes to portrait/realism tattoo designs. We even got 3D tattoos... What're you thoughts about this tattoo "evolution"?
A: It's natural. we got thousands of artists who create whatever they want. You can follow artists from all over the globe, you see thousands of new inspirations everyday. All you need is internet. I think it's really helpful. It's really easier to be an artist nowadays I think.

Q: Would you try to tattoo something completely different in the near feature?
A: One day I want to start tattooing Japanese style. I think it's most complex and beautiful style. It has to be readable just like traditional stuff, but not as simple as that. Big, harmonious compositions, this is it. First I have to enlarge my knowledge about it. I also want to try tattoo something like new school chicano. We will see.

Q: Do you draw sketches specifically for every client? Tell me more about the making process.
A: I draw projects for my clients based on their ideas. If they want something from old flashes I can do it. I really love it. That's why it's called traditional tattooing. Also I design my own flashes that are based on my ideas, sometimes inspired by the old school style.



Q: What are some of the funniest experiences with your customers?
A: Everyday at the shop is another crazy day! I really love to work with so many different people. There were lots of funny moments. I really can't choose one.

Q: You're part of "Rock'n'Ink Tattoo & Piercing" studio in Krakow, Poland. There are some great artists working together...
A: Our shop is the best one in Poland. We got a lot of great artists working in different styles. Our work is our passion, we are group of friends not only coworkers. It's a place on the map where you can get the best quality tattoo, and feel laid back.

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Q: What's the procedure about getting an appointment?
A: The best way is to write an email to the shop (

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