tattoo interview with mojo | Deep Art Tattoo | Slovakia 13/05/2015 

Hello Mojo! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine.

Q: What inspired you to become a tattoo artist? How long have you been working as a tattoo artist?
A: Since childhood, I was fascinated by art in all directions. I always liked to draw and tattooing was one of the ways to create something new every day. But mostly it intrigued me because it's "live art" and people will have it all life. It's not fashion but lifestyle. I've got my first tattoo when I was fifteen years old, since that time I was thinking how to become a tattoo artist. I bought my first tattoo machine when I was eighteen years old. I started to work in a tattoo studio before eight years when I was twenty years old.

Q: Color tattoos are probably the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. I love the fact that you pay special attention to the details. How do you usually develop your basic ideas to the final one? Do you use a sketchbook?
A: My work progress is: Everything is on customer, which type of tattoo they want to have (for example Realism). My customers will tell me what they want to have, then I must find photo. I'm supporter of an opinion, that I can draw from my head something to the details like when I see it on photo.(thanks to all photographers). When we have photo, we will edit contrast etc.


 Q: When it comes to creative tattooing (not just a ready-made design from internet) artists should be able to draw a custom design for each client. So being creative is a must! How much the drawing skills play a big role when it comes to tattooing from a technical aspect?
A: Drawing is very important and inseparable part of every tattoo. At every image I must think on a lot of factors. Creativity and drawing skills will show on biggest works where you must consider also an overall composition of the objects.

Q: Something that I really like about your style, is your ability to do such cool designs looking like a painting, it's more like painting on canvas... Tattoos without an outline. Really great, how do you create those kinds of tattoos?
A: I use liner minimally. Mostly I use liner only on little details. I like to use needles "Magnum 9", so I won't use an outline and I do image only with magnum. It shows more real in the end. It's not that difficult when you have think about it at first. Obviously when it comes to tattooing and drawing you are learning something new every day. I'm not saying I can do everything but I know where are my limits, so I'm not going to do things that are over my skills.

Q: Being busy working on so many designs, is probably hard. How do you usually get inspired when things get though in the studio?
A: I'm earning my inspiration all around me every day. When I'm outside, I always watch how light falls on items. It's such a work of deformation. Actually drawing is light and shadow, but you must know how it works. Often it happens to me, I'm falling a sleep and think about my work, how to create something, which colors or what background to use. This is an ongoing process.

- Anything outside tattooing that helps you to cheer up, during the busy schedule?
With this constant busy schedule, I'm trying to spend my free time with my family, whose who supports me in whatever I'm doing and for this I love them.

Q: Where are you located now? Please share some basic info about your studio.
A: From the beginning of my career I'm working in a small city "Nove Zamky" which is in small country in Europe (Slovakia the hearth of Europe). Maybe, this is the reason why it was a hard beginning for me.

- How long it takes to get an appointment? What's the procedure?
Actually we are over-extended with work for the next three months. If you want to book an appointment, it's simple, you just need to write us an e-mail.

Deep Art Tattoo, s.r.o.
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Q: Being a tattoo artist is a hard but a fun profession too. How much the clients can make your day interesting with their stories? What are some of the funniest experiences with the customers?
A: Working with people is hard, because each customer deservers an individual access. Everyone is different, so I must change and adapt for the situation.

Q: Would you (ever) start working something completely different? Or... Simply being a tattoo artist is something you can replace with anything? heh
A: If I have to start once again, I would've start earlier. I don't want to change anything, I live like a tattooer.

Q: What's you biggest challenge in this job?
A: The biggest challenge for me is to become better in drawing and learn something new. Every time you can improve something, look on things from different way. When I complete some project, I'm immediately thinking what I can do different or better. That forces me to think on new things.

Q: Any motivational words for the beginners?
A: We are learning every day so work a lot, draw a lot, but the most important before you start a new project, you must THINK ABOUT IT.

Mojo, Thanks so much for the interview.
All my best,
Iva Kancheska