Interview with Mortitia Capriciosa | Tattoo Realism | France 21/09/2021

  Hello Mortitia! Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. It's a great pleasure to share some of my thoughts with you. I hope our conversation will inspire a lot of young people to start tattooing or express themselves through art. Please start by telling us something about yourself and your background. Are you a self taught artist? How did you learn the basic skills of tattooing? My background is the same like many people. I started by learning the basics of this job in a shop which recruited me for the artistic qualities I had when I finished famous high school of art. I just came to his place to get tattooed, it was one of my creations one of my creations. I was only a client, but he liked my design and asked to me to be like an apprentice. In exchange for the drawings I prepared for his clients, he taught me the basics of tattooing.

Q: Was it hard getting into this business? How long took you to gain regular customers and overall confidence in your work?
A: Everything went very quickly for me it was never difficult to find new clients because I had an artistic background that people liked. I quickly had success and only one year later I already had two years booked appointements. But I was still a young artist and I can say that I learned tattooing along the way.

Q: What type of tattoos you use to do back then? Who was you first customer? What was the tattoo design?
A: Today I work in realism style, and mostly on very large pieces because I like to develop artistic universes and work it around the body. I listen to people's ideas and their life stories and I transcribe all that directly on their bodies. Even the saddest to make poetic frescoes and bring out the beauty of everything, even of darkness.
My first tattoo? Ahah My tattoo artist one day told me to sit in his place and take the machine :) I was scared. That was one of his clients and I was not aware of what will happen. He told me to finish his tattoo. It was very stressful for me but I always learned by the fact. Sometimes this is the best method.

First clients often come back to me and sometimes that's to cover the own old tattoos! Because they think I'm able to do it better now, I take it very well, I see it as a proof of trust and love. Despite the time spent, they always ask me and I'm very touched to see they still trust me and they continue to love my art even if it has evolved and even if technically I became better. For the others I also like the idea that they continue wanting to live with old pieces even if today I'm doing better.

- With all this knowledge you have today, would you re-do that old tattoo or it's actually cool to stay like that as a reminder of how far you have come? Hehe
I have no regrets when I look at my old achievements, they are often good memories and marks of the past, I don't want to erase them or take it back. It's another era that's all...

Q: I like the variety in your designs. From portraits to fantasy inspired themes, I saw even a biomechanical tattoo sleeve, which looks fantastic! All look great to be honest. Hm, do you have any favorite style or your enjoy doing all kinds of stuff?
A: In reality everything can interest me, it depends only if the story is original, I admit that I don't particularly like working the bio-mechanical style but it was realism and that made it interesting to me. It's the story of my client that was interesting and pushed this realization and this special creation. The rest of time I like working in realistic style and that's the reason why I accept projects. I like to work the faces of the fantasy characters the flowers and the ornamentals, gothic roses etc what I call it black romantic. These are my predominant styles and personal selection but all things can be inspirating to me. Once the request comes from someone whose story touches me. This biomechanic piece was fun for me to transpose real joints to real mechanical parts as if I had to create a robot. But my personal tastes remain gothic romantic.

Q: The color tattoos are so cool. You have a very sharp eye for details and a good sense for color usage. It gives the final look a very vibrant look. What do you like the most about color tattooing?
A: I love working with color, it's much easier for me to manage than black and grey art. My brain processes it better, I understand it more easily... My eyes see everything through color and I don't even think about it when I work on it. This is what I love to do and this is how my brain thinks. Black and grey is much less natural for me and I have to think and search how to do it when I'm processing... although it may seem odd. I love the light and the life that emerges from the colors, much more vibrant than black and grey more austere and frozen to me. Like old archive images.

Q: The back tattoos!! I can't pick a favorite... Brilliant works! How long usually takes to finish a back piece? Do you take few sessions or there are some clients who want all the work done in one big session? Oh if there are such, give them my compliments! Hah Seriously, what was the longest session?
A: Oooh thank you ... In general I work in large sessions, full days of 7 to 8 hours of work. On average, I spend around 5 days on a back piece. I often start with 2 days in a row and then continue in separate days, spaced between few weeks. But I try to be quick to not forget my ideas and know how to get back to work without wasting time. I want to work as quickly as possible for my clients, I want them to have a feeling of progress and pride at the end of each session. And second, I work a lot in improvisation and I can't leave too much time between the start and the end of the sessions, to remember everything and continue with the same mood and inspiration.
The artistic periods change for artists and we don't work on the same effects from one year to the next one. I don't like working more than 8 hours for reasons of tiredness for my client and for myself. And I want to be able to stay focused as much as possible. Beyond that, I no longer succeed so intensely.

Q: Do you help your clients with the design, like drawing a few sketches or some photoshop etc?
A: I create every piece by myself and alone, and they trust me. They wait 4 years for their appointement and don't see the design until the D day. It's a pact of trust between them and me. I listen to them and I create for them as if it was for me. I'm never wrong.

Q: How important is to be open to new ideas meanwhile still maintaining your own "signature" style?
A: Yes it's important to keep an open mind, not to get bored and become boring to others too. But I don't really evolve or change on purpose, inspiration comes on its own according to the periods, the visits, the things that I have seen or the historical periods that I study. Everything is linked and my current cultural inspirations often echo in my work.

Q: What are some of the best memories with your clients and how much their trust in you as an artist means to you?
A: The trust they give me is what gives me strength to continue each day... Each piece is a result of a unique meeting, of a story that was entrusted to me and I told through my art. It's my "fuel" to continue to give the best of myself and to continue to evolve and try to become better. I don't want to disappoint them.

Q: Now tell me a little bit about the body painting. I saw some really cool photos on your profile. Since when do you do body painting? I must say, the artworks remind me of your tattoo designs. Oh how cool!!
A: I'm doing bodypainting for a very long time, before starting tattooing by the way. I painted at school and I did a lot of color exercises. I think it's at the origin of my way, mind to design my tattoos, I don't think differently for the 2 exercices... I use the notion of 3D of the body to place my designs and give them the best possible enhancement. For me it's really the same. But with more possibilities, opened, everything is possible in bodypaint, all colors, transformations, effects, collages etc. And I have even more fun there because that part of my art is personal artistic projects and not customer orders. Another way to play with bodies by using them as a frame or as moving paintings.

Q: Do you also work for events etc?
A: It can happen but I really like that these rare moments of personal creation to remain in my private universe. I recover my energy in those moments, when I finally create for my personal pleasure. Creating for others is growing, but also exhausting. So I keep it private and take pictures of my clients to show afterwards. But just the result, the process remains with me only. I quite like being alone.

Q: We live in very uncertain times now with the pandemic and tattoo artists have been restricted with the lockdowns. How are you doing? How this whole situation affected you as an artist and as a person?
A: As I just said, I like to be alone, to think, to create, to be calm, and even like the silence sometimes... so even if the situation could have been scary and especially at the beginning because we did not know how we were going to survive, economically etc I knew how to take advantage of it, question a lot of the basics and introspect on myself, my work, my reflexes etc. That allowed me to put my finger on faults that I had, bad habits I had, and reverse certain things that were preventing me from moving forward. I worked more without running the conventions and events and had more time to polish my details and observe my own flaws. Finally I'm happy to have had this time and the chance to be able to take it. I become more sure of myself, more peaceful too. It's a lifelong chance to have the time to do this instrospection.

- Are you available for bookings? If so, please write down your email and studio location.
I'm booked for four years and that is because I don't stop booking. Here is the email to contact:
My assistant is an angel and always reply. We are located in France, in historic region, the kings valley.

Q: I hope this situation ends soon and the world opens up again to all of us so travelling will be easy and we can go to tattoo conventions and do guest spots. What are some of your feature plans once this is over?
A: I have not yet planned for future events... I will resume, but slowly. I will go where my friends will be, the people I missed during these two years locked up... where I want to be, not necessarily where you have to be seen.

Q: What would you recommend to all the young people who want to try getting into this business?
A: To be serious, humble, generous.

Ms.Mortitia Capriciosa Thank You
For the interview, Kind Regards