interview with mrx | graffiti | street stories & digital art 06/12/2013

Q: Being a creative person must be fun. How did you discover your talent? Did you attend fine art school?
A: Being creative is the best. I can't help it and I love it. I didn't attend any art school. I was in banking until last year. When the economic crises did strike in 2008, I've been home for 8 month without any contracts. I was soooo bored that my wife bought me paint markers and I started like that. Since then, I never stopped. First it was a hobby and now it's my full time job... it's a really hard job but I would never go back to my old job for sure!

Q: How would you describe your style in a few words?
A: My style just evolved from 2008 until now and keeps changing. I started drawing black and white, things I always wanted to draw. I guess first you kinda force yourself to find designs, ideas... and after a while, it becomes more natural, shapes, ideas, colors mix together influenced by my life experiences and the world around me. I'm a kid of the 80's and it's really for me the ultimate source of inspiration, everything was just perfect back then!

Q: How has your style developed?
A: I hate doing the same things twice and when it gets too easy I want to do it differently so my style gets more complicated. Black & white, then colors, then try to control the colors because it can go wild sometimes ;-) then learn new techniques, feel comfortable with spray cans... I think live painting gives you a boost, I've had the chance to work on live events with the Kapow collective and it forced me to be more impulsive, think less which is good!

Q: Do you have any influences, people you admire?
A: I'm a huge fan of Mike Giant & Jeff Soto. I've had the chance actually to be in an event with Jeff Soto and seeing him paint is just amazing. Sooo much talent + he's a really a cool guy. In terms of influences, I don't know who I could name... I think things you see everyday influence you, in a matter of speaking but it's more like bits from different persons, architecture elements, flowers, birds... yeah, more like that kinda stuff.

Q: Your style is pretty close to tattoo art. Do you have any tattoos on your body?
A: I'm really impressed by tattoo artists and it influenced me at first, a lot. I got a bunch of tattoos but I never designed one myself... I'm not my best fan because I always think I could do it better so no chance I get one of my designs on my skin ;-) At the beginning I was in the "big Japanese sleeves" kind of stuff but now I like to get one small tattoo once in a while, all different styles that just tell a story at the end.

Q: Your style reminds me of some old/new school tattoo designs. Do you remember when the impression for this kind of work first began?
A: That's what people say sometimes and then they ask me "do you tattoo?" and every time I have to say "erh no, sorry that's one hell of another job".

Q: There are lots of creative mediums you work on. From skateboards to graffiti and helmets, even some clothing designs, wow! Do you have any favorite?
A: I love working on wood! Now I even start to find old wood and use their defaults in the design. Apart from that, I worked on leather for a few purses and jackets and it was good fun.

Q: Skateboarding... Are you into skateboarding? Share some of the coolest experiences!
A: I'm probably one of the worse skateboarders ever, just fucked up knees and my dad was (still is) scared of everything. So I took longboarding later but just for cruising.

Q: What would be the most mind-blowing design to work on? Is there any dream piece that it's still undone?
A: Somebody proposed me to paint on a used coffin. I have to say that I was really, weirdly "excited" by the idea but in the same time scared of the potential poltergeist I might wake up. Apart from that, I take what's coming, one piece at a time.

Q: Some of your artworks feature some "violated" themes. Do you think that a bit of rebellion is a necessity for one artist?
A: I don't think that rebellion is necessary, it's just the way you are that is necessary. When you're not honest in what you do people can feel it. I'm not going to start drawing purple teddy bears because it's the new hip... I just do what runs through my skull ;-) ... even if I have to admit that I have history with religion and authority.

- Btw. Is there any message in your designs?
The message is the one you find :-)

Q: What's your main creative medium? Is there any other medium you would love to experiment?
A: The main is skate decks. I just love the shape and the size. I'd like to work on surfboards and snowboards a bit more.

Q: Do you also work on customs for sale? If so, share some of the best experiences with the customers.
A: I do, but I really feel comfortable when people tell me "do whatever you want". When I have directions, I get lost and I don't do the best I can. Even if once someone asked to paint some parts for his bike, and he told me "warm colors"... right, I like pink so I do some nice "sunset" shadings, purple skulls... etc. Then I found out that he sprayed my work back in black!!! I was kinda pissed off on that one cause I liked what I did and didn't even have a correct picture of it on the bike. I guess it wasn't really hardcore enough for a biker.

Q: What's the funniest part in being a creative person?

Q: What keeps you creative?
A: Nothing really, it seems I'm auto-powered. Things around me trigger ideas but I just don't have enough time to realize them all. I got bits of paper with ideas on them everywhere, sometimes I loose them, sometimes I find some back and find the idea awful...

Q: Any particular goals you would love to achieve in the next few years?
A: Travel more! I'd really like to participate to events abroad, see different things and meet new artists.

Q: What is the biggest mistake when it comes art progress?
A: I don't know if it answers the question but I'm really sick and tired of these contests brands use to find new designs, works. It's bullshit!

- 1. It's because they want free work!
- 2. They put that contest thing to get marketing targets and viewers (so noone from their marketing department really works...)
- 3. It's never the best design that wins.. just the one from the dude that harassed his 1 million friends on facebook to vote for him everyday!!!

Q: Any motivational words for the new artists?
A: "Do what you like and don't give a shit about what people think"

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