tattoo | interview with Omar Gonzalez |  Fame Tattoo 06/05/2015 

Hello Omar Gonzalez! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our web magazine. You have a fantastic portfolio behind, I guess your art journey inspire lots of young artists all around the world. Let's start with some basic info...

Q: Since when the fascination for tattoo art first began? How did you end up being a tattoo artist?
A: I have always been fascinated by Art since I was a little kid. My fascination for tattoos first stared when I was 18, that's when I got my first tattoo. I ended up becoming a tattoo artist after my third tattoo. I designed my own tattoos and I remember the artist that was doing my tattoo at that time telling me I should become a tattoo artist cause my art work was really good, so I did my research and started tattooing.

Q: Every start is difficult, what was the hardest part in getting into this job? How much time took you to develop the basic skills of tattooing?
A: The hardest time for me was really when I was trying to become an apprentice. That was a challenge cause no one was willing to hired me or teach me. By that time I was so focused and sure I wanted to become a tattoo artist so I decided to start on my own. I started on pig skin and oranges. It took me about three month to really develop the basic skills of tattooing.

Q: You enjoy doing almost all kinds of styles. Amazing! Do you have any favorite style?
A: I specialize in all kinds, because a good artist should be able to create anything for the clients, but my favorite is color realism and black and gray realism.

Q: Clients nowadays, want something really unique, how long does it take to draw their custom tattoo design?
A: It all really depends on what they want. It could range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, for me because I'm a digital artist I work a lot with Photoshop.




Q: Being a tattoo artist is fun at times. You meet lots of people, you hear lots of life-experiences, what are some of the most memorable moments you remember?
A: Having customers cry when they do portraits of their loved ones, that to me is amazing how much love they have for that person that are willing to put them on their body to remember them forever.

- What would you say to a customer who doesn't know what to tattoo? hah
Well I would show them different ideas and see what they really like. From there, I'll design something for them.

Q: When it comes to creative tattooing (not just a ready-made design from internet) artists should be able to draw a custom design for each client. So being creative is a must! How much the drawing skills play a big role when it comes to tattooing from a technical aspect?
A: My creative and drawing skills play a big role on my daily work because it helps me create specific work for my clients.

Q: Where are you located now? Please share some basic info about your studio.
A: , contact info  (Omar Fame 305-345-9711) (Osmay 305-303-8308) I have a private studio in Hialeah Gardens and work by appointments only.

- How long it takes to get an appointment? What's the procedure?
I have all my future clients come in for a consultation there, I can see exactly what they want, then we can set the date. My waiting time at this time is four to six months. But I have other artists that are certify by me and could cattier any of the future clients if they're looking to get something small and faster.


Q: Tattooing is like a giving an eternal impact on someone’s life. What reaction from a client makes you happy after finishing the tattoo?
A: Every reaction really makes me happy, but the one that really get to me is when they cry, cause it means so much to them, you have their story on them.

Q: You're an award-wining artist. How much the awards means to you? Would you say that that admiration from people gives you even more enthusiast to become even better as an artist?
A: Yes it pushes me to be come better everyday.

- Do you have any favorite?
My favorite award is my first award (1st place color realism) I won over 40 contestants.

Q: Tattoo conventions are a great opportunity to meet lost of great artists... How much the atmosphere there gives you inspiration? Did you make any cool contacts with some of the artists, even some of the artists that has influences you?
A: The atmosphere is great, you get to meet some of the best tattoo artists out there and that inspires me in so many ways to continue becoming one of the best. Yes I have met so many great artists and have become really close friends with Cesar Morales, Sarah Miller, Don Tyler, Javy from Tattoo Theory and also I have made friends with some of the tattoo convention shows models like Daze and Vany Vicious and got sponsored by Hush anesthetics.

Q: Do you have any special career plans for the near feature?
A: Yes my plans for the future are to travel around the world, to meet new artists and learn from them and tattoo new clients from all around the world.

Q: Any motivational words for the beginners?
A: Get a good apprenticeship and remember success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrificing and most of all, love what you do.

Omar Gonzalez, Thanks so much for the interview.
All my best,
Iva Kancheska