interview with  piK | Radical Ink - tattoo, Austria | 05/10/2015

Q: Becoming a tattoo artist is not an easy job, it's a journey. It takes more than just a talent and a quality equipment, but lots of patience and dedication too. What part of getting into the scene was the hardest for you?
A: Well I would say the hardest was to believe in my self and my skills to become an artist. It never was "my big dream", I didn't even think about it because it seemed really undoable for me to draw on someone's skin. I couldn't believe that I'm gonna be a tattooer someday. Some of my friends asked me for doing some sketches for them and they got it tattooed later on. They always wanted me to start tattooing but I had no idea of all that shit... It took quite a long time. I checked out the tattoos made from my sketches and I just said: ok, like that I can do it as well! I was disappointed of the work the guy made out my drawings, so I was willing to make it better!

- Did you apprentice? How did you learn the basic skills?
I'm what they call a "self-taught artist" ;-) the basics I learned on my right leg and on friends like most of us did I guess.

Q: Do you have any favorite tattoo style?
A: That is really hard for me to answer! Let's give it a try: I like to challenge myself with any type of style and I like to make it to my style... so... what was the question? :) my favorites are realistic kind of modern designed tattoos I would say... I like details ;-)

Q: Black & gray tattoos are probably the most remarkable designs in your portfolio. Would you say that you love more working with black & gray inks?
A: Well, right now I would say yes.

Q: The most challenging details to capture on skin?
A: The ones you don't see at the first sight but make it look alive.



Q: How do you develop your basic ideas to the final one? Do you use sketchbook?
A: It's really important for me to let it flow while I'm working on a piece, I don't really like to stick to any sketches. I do sketches but overdo them by tattooing.

Q: Dealing with lots of clients every day could be hard at times, how do you manage the busy schedule? What is the procedure of getting an appointment?
A: First of all I like dealing with clients because everyone is different, that is why I have the opportunity to do new stuff every single day! Getting an appointment is easy, just pop into the shop and tell me roughly what you wanna get ;-) I try to make the right design for you and do all the work! hahah

Q: Where are you located now?
A: I run my own shop in a small town in Austria:

Radical Ink - Tattoo
Lindenstr. 35
6600 Reutte/Tirol

Q: How would you describe your profession in one word? ;)
A: Overwhelming ;-)

Thanks so much for the interview.
All my best,
Iva Kancheska