tattoo interview with Razvan Popescu by iva kancheska 21/04/2014

Today we're going to talk with Razvan Popescu, a tattoo artist from Bucuresti, Romania, located at BioArt Tattoo  and also working as guest spot tattoo artist at Tattoostudio Nadelwerk

 Hello Mr.Razvan Popescu! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.
In the very beginning, please start by telling us something about yourself... How you got into tattooing?

Q: How did you end up working as a tattoo artist? What inspired you to get into this business? How long have you been tattooing? Btw. When was the "big" moment when you set your mind and finally get started as a professional artist?
A: In February 2009 I did the first tattoo. A very good friend determined me to enter in this business. After the first tattoo though did not came out all right, I felt like I knew what I'll do from now.

Q: Do you have any influences, people you simply admire and follow their steps?
A: At one point yes, artists like V.Portugal, R.Hernandez, F.leu, etc. And sure I'd want to be really good.

Q: You work on many tattoo styles, do you have any favorite?
A: Realism, as long as you oscillate, you come with new ideas.

Q: People are coming with many interesting ideas for a tattoo. How do you usually develop your basic ideas to the final one? Do you also collaborate with your clients on the ideas?
A: Yes, many come with different ideas, I keep them as long as I believe that the ideas are good, then I'm just me, so I prefer.

Q: Have you ever change someone's mind in getting a tattoo? Is there any tattoo style you simply won't tattoo?
A: I did it many times. Yes, those that should be performed only by specialized people such as tribal tattoo, Polynesian tattoo, traditional Japanese tattoo, etc.

Q: How long do you usually work in the studio on the newest designs? Do you also set up some "dead lines" for yourself and your clients?
A: More than 6-7 hours, no, and there is no deadline, the only thing that matters is the end result.

Q: Where are you located now?
A: In Bucuresti, Romania at BioArt Tattoo and I'm also a guest spot at Tattoostudio Nadelwerk/Austria, Dr. Kossstrasse 7 / 4600 Wels, Austria. Check out our Facebook Page - Tattoostudio Nadelwerk

Q: Tattooing could be a difficult job. It probably requires a constant progress and non-stop creative spirit. Do you still have the same enthusiasm?
A: It's a nice job, but you should take breaks from time to time to rest your mind. I love it more and more.

Q: Getting a tattoo could be painful at times, especially on some extra sensitive parts of the body. How do you usually cheer up your clients when they are afraid to get tattooed?
A: I ask them to let me finish my work as I want. After all the tattoo remains not the pain.:) Most understand.

Q: I guess you attempt to improve your style even more. What's the next challenge you want to accomplish?
A: Being increasingly better.

Q: Any advice for those who are starting out their career?
A: So they will 100 % every day and seek to transform even a bad idea from a client in a good one (so will make work easier and more beautiful).

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