tattoo interview with Rebeca Orts by iva kancheska 17/07/2014

Hello Ms.Rebeca Orts! Thanks so much for the time to answer some questions for our web magazine.
Having a Spanish artist, it's a great honor, thanks again. Let's start with some basic info...

Q: How you got into art, were you like an artistic kid?
A: Yes, I was, artistic materials were the best thing. When I was in high school some friends began to get tattoos and it was interesting for me, I never thought about it before. I only knew that I would study some kind of art. One day my mother asked me "if I buy a machine for you, are you going to take it seriously?" and I said yes, we looked for information, and then it was more difficult, and look at me! Happy

Q: Being a tattoo artist, requires great talent and dedication. What was the hardest part in getting into the business?
- Did you apprentice, how did you learn the basic skills of tattooing?

A: I was autodidact, the seminaries were so expensive for me then, so I get the equip, with only the primary colors, an American book, tattoo magazines... My parents took me to Madrid and Barcelona tattoo conventions, in this way I could learn looking awesome artists working, I stood up there hours and hours (this part was easy with them... thanks family!). My evolution has been very slow. I wasn't in a hurry. Some years after I get a job in a tattoo shop in Madrid, it was a great school.

Q: What kind of art interested you in the beginning? Do you have any influences, people you admire and follow their steps?
A: Realistic black and grey caught my attention, but at the beginning really I only tried to do a good work, good lines, learn to make smooth shadows...drawing classes.... I cut pics from tattoo magazines, but I didn't look who the artists were (ok, yes...the most famous), I only was interested with the piece tattoo. I can tell you the name a lot of artists I admire now!!

Q: You work on many tattoo styles, do you have any favorite?
A: I never had a favorite style, I'm not this class of artist who is dedicated in one style, I don’t know in the future, and along the time I've been experimenting with the proposals of each customer. I don’t have a specific style, but how I do, some people recognize my work and it's because how it is done, I think. It's a continuous evolution, I don't know where. I'm loving full soft color, I love art nouveau, I love mixing fantasy and reality, and maybe it can be a way.

Q: As a female tattoo artist, I guess the Spanish guys are very lucky to get tattooed by you, ;) what are some of the most interesting experiences with the customers?
A: The most interesting.... I can't tell you!! hahaha

At the beginning some men didn't trust me... "a young girl with flowers on the hair is going to make me a skull?.. and I have to pay what?!?!" he said me: "who do you think you are baby? " yeah.... Fortunately all changes, you work hard, and now they want you make their skulls... and I wear flowers... Moreover... I have really good friends that first were costumers, love stories.

- Do you have your own shop, if so, please share some basic info/location/contact info etc.
I only work with appointment. Usually I'm in Alicante, Spain, but once in a month I travel to tattoo conventions or as guest artist in other studios. You can follow my steps through Facebook or my website. You can write me

Q: During the busy tattoo schedule, you also work on tattoo clothing line? Tell me more about it. How did you come up with the ideas?
A: Yes, I collaborate with a new brand clothing in the tattoo design line, It's "I am a Super Star", in this case..of tattoo! It's a dynamic and compromised brand, they proposed me and I couldn't say no, they proposed exclusive designs from each artist, loving art expression, we are preparing more designs for new t-shirts, new ideas. More artists from another artistic disciplines like graphic art, video games, graffiti, skate, and music....are coming soon, it's so exciting!

The clothing is available on:

 Q: I guess, sometimes, it's hard to be creative, being busy all the time, with so many customers... How did you "handle" those times? Do you have any special inspiring/motivational techniques?
A: Handling those times is so difficult, put a time limit a day on your activity is necessary, as all the jobs, put a time limit on your mind.... is so difficult (to me). You are all day thinking about how you will done that piece, how represent that concept the costumer needs... I arrive at home at night and always there are sketches waiting for me... and I do it. My close people respect this part of me, but yes... we are a little bit freaks. It's the part that the costumer doesn't see, and doesn't imagine. We spend a lot of hours drawing, investigating, thinking, and learning...before you get your tattoo. Now, with a lot of work, I'm learning to handle the long-term time.. !!! The special technique? Yes, breathe and be alive.

Q: They said an artist, is never fully satisfied... What's your greatest challenge? Do you have any plans for the near feature?
A: And they said the truth! Wow! Can we talk in 10 years again??? The greatest is continue growing. A part of me needs to be helpful, art is unlimited. My plan is experience the world through my work, it's not a work plan, it's a life plan.

Q: How much an artist is able to create something new nowadays, when we're almost overwhelmed from the popular styles, techniques?
A: We have endless references, we turn to them, art in all expressions, nature, history.... Maybe we are surprised with something that is not new, but the way to apply in a tattoo. Who did imagine 20 years ago that you could get a impressionist tattoo exactly like a paint??? We have new machines....We don't know in 5 years more....

Q: What would you improve in your work?
A: Everything can be better, technique, ideas, times... I don't know, I try improve in each tattoo. I would improve the laws...

Q: Looking at your colorful portfolio, makes me think that there is enough soul of you left in your artworks. It seems like you really enjoy your work... Would you say that tattoo art could be expressive work in a way?
A: Absolutely. All my energy is there projected. If you get a tattoo with me, you take a part of me, if I get a tattoo with you, I take a part of you. I think the artist we choose for that is important.

Q: Ms.Rebeca, what are some of your best motivational tips for the beginners? Would you say that everyone could be an artist?
A: First of all, if you don’t like art, if you don't have a really motivation for this great world...if you want to be a tattoo maker for money...please choose another profession! If not, welcome, be patient, its an unstable, difficult and nice journey. It's a job, so you will work hard if you want evolution and a salary. Don't be hurry, first you need to draw and learn. Today a lot of guys buy a tattoo machine cause it is cool...

Everyone is an artist, for sure! Art has infinite ways of expression!

I have learned to be tolerant, each person has a motivation, a way to think, but all we are moved by de same , love for something, or needs, reinforcements, understand that we all are different, but we all are the same. Understand that a lot of people don't understand and don't believe in the way you life, but if you know who you are, love the things you do, and respect the rest, I think you will be an example for that people. And it can change something.

Complaining does not help, only to learn that is useless.

I have learned that movement generates more movement, and is unstoppable. One small creative action a day, is the way of the artist.

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